Potential mine comes back to life

LWRA Community:We have unfortunate news to share on the status of the McBride mining project (bounded roughly in the area between Hwy 62, Hwy 620, Old Hastings Road and North Steenburg Lake Road), but nonetheless important to keep our community aware (and involved).

It appears the proponent of this project, Derek McBride, has applied for and been granted a new Exploration Plan.   His former filed Plan had expired May 7, 2019.  Notice of approval of the new plan was shared with a cottager on another lake in the area, who has remained in contact with the office of the Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines, and ministry staff in Sudbury (see below, names redacted…).

While at this time, we have no specific knowledge of any work underway at the site, nor of funding sources to advance such work, McBride’s last public comments indicated that he would continue to look for and secure funding to advance this project.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the Plan approval by the Ontario Government (Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines), is that despite well known community opposition to mining activity in this area, no notice was given to any of the potentially impacted parties who have previously commented (including Township of Limerick) to input on the Plan prior to its approval.

Ed Offshack, LWRA Director

Subject: RE: McBride Project Limerick Township

Good afternoon…..


Hastings Highlands Resources Limited former exploration plan, PL-17-10717 expired on May 6, 2019. Exploration plans are not renewed. Hastings Highlands Resources Limited did submit a new exploration plan (PL-19-00091) which became effective on July 27, 2019, and is valid for two years. The authorized activities are very early level exploration activities on existing mining claims held by Hastings Highlands Resources Limited. The limited activities could consist of:


  • Geophysical surveying using a generator to measure the electromagnetic properties in bedrock. Minerals or ores in the bedrock can act as conductors for electromagnetic energy. Their electromagnetic properties will be different from bedrock that does not have zones of minerals or bodies of ore. Geophysical surveys look for these differences to find areas that are likely to contain minerals or ores and potentially target them for further exploration.
  • Surface stripping of an area of less than 100 metres to remove overburden from bedrock. The exposed rock can be useful for observation and interpretation of type and composition of the bedrock
  • Pitting and trenching of bedrock of up to a maximum of 3 cubic metres for assaying, testing and other sampling purposes. Trenches or pits are excavated into the rock to expose more of the mineralized zones for sampling and testing.


ENDM does not have any information on the status of this early exploration project.


Slow motion sailing in 2019

The 2019 Limerick Sailboat Race was another test of “light wind” sailing skills as Mother Nature was not huffing and puffing on Sunday, August 4 at 2 pm. With only a very light breeze from the north, even deciding which way to go around the islands split the competition with half taking the traditional clockwise route while the rest of the pack sailed off to the east for a try at running down the narrow channel between the islands and the mainland.  

At that point in the first lap there was still hope the wind might build up and allow the traditional two lap race. That was not to be. Valiant attempts to throw out spinnakers to catch the occasional puffs were in vain. One lap was going to decide the winner in 2019.

Turning the mid-lake marker the first four vessels, two manned by the Hannah crews from Maintenance Point (Apple Turnover and Blue Bird), the beautiful wooden Albacore with the Kalisz Brothers demonstrating how much about sailing one can learn on Youtube in a few short months, and a mysterious newcomer from Fraser’s Beach in a long-retired Laser with its sail reinforced with duct tape, headed out wide to try to gain a good angle for the final run across the finish line. Turning the marker the Hannah’s third boat, Mellow Yellow, was chasing the Hunter 18 sailed by the 2017 race winning crew from the Coxwell cottage, and with a slight shift in what little wind there was they both decided that tacking straight for the finish line marker was their only hope. 

Meanwhile the other four boats were all stalled near shore about 50 yards from the finish line marker. Sailors do a lot of praying and the Hunter and Mellow Yellow were both likely imagining that miracle gust which would slip them in front of the four stalled boats. Apparently they were praying to the wrong gods and slowly but surely the stalled boats began to creep along the shoreline. At one point the Kalisz Brothers looked like they were going to win this race but word has it some critical piece of rigging decided it was a good time to depart their craft and they were soon headed backwards. These intrepid sailors managed to repair the rigging but by this time the Laser had slowly, silently slipped across the finish line and Apple Turnover nudged in to nose the Kalisz Brothers into third place. 

It was an interesting race tactically with several new competitors in 2019. Bob Bennett was back after several years absence following his old Laser getting demasted in the very, very high-wind race in the mid-2000s. His birthday surprise from his wife Sue was a very fast looking sailboat called an Aero if memory serves. Since he never got close enough to the pack I cannot verify the type. However, next year Sue must give him a new watch because Bob’s new boat was not nearly fast enough to catch the others since he was still in the wind shadow of the north shore as the starting horn blasted at 2 pm sharp.  Also missing from the lineup this year was Mel Hamilton-Porter who would certainly have been in the running under these conditions. As it was the old Laser, sailed by Adam Aippersbach of Fraser Beach, took the trophy over to the north shore this year. Adam is from Vancouver and along with members of the Fraser Clan he had flown in just the day before and put the old Laser back in the water just in time for the race. 

Each year the trophy resides in the winner’s cottage and their name gets engraved on a brass plaque for the historical record. Adam teaches kids to sail out on the salty water of the west coast so his win proves this race can be won in any kind of sailing vessel with the right tactics and technique … especially if you are at the start line when the horn goes off.  

Below: Greg Hannah presents Adam Aippersbach from Fraser’s Beach with the 2019 Sailboat Race trophy. The fireplace ledge at Hannah’s will seem empty this year.


Your input is invited

Dear Fellow Cottagers
Our north Hastings municipalities have been working at putting together a community safety and well-being plan and need your input
This Wednesday – August 14 from 6-8pm at the Limerick Community Centre on hwy 620 you will have opportunity to fill out this survey and ask questions. Part of this mandate is to better manage policing costs
As for most of us, with limited access some of our concerns/questions may be

– policing of seasonal properties in the off season

– how to report issues of break & enter after the fact, without using 911

– do you have concerns for water safety

– emergency transportation and medical aid

If you are unable to attend there is a on-line survey that you can complete
Additionally, I have attached the letter that was just sent out

Best Regards,

Mike Douglas-Hecker

Tel: 647-290-1326

2019 Summer Weekend Events

Dear fellow Cottagers and LWRA members,
What an exciting weekend!  Even a bit of rain on Saturday could not “dampen” our spirits as we enjoyed our weekend on the Limerick waterways.
Our kick off event on Saturday was the canoe and kayak races on Fraser’s Beach, which were a resounding success, led by Mary Argue and Jan Mackillican.
The pot luck picnic spearheaded by Kyle Kieper (designer extraordinaire), had volunteers fearing it might not happen when the clouds and rain interrupted our festivities, but it was short-lived and the games got underway right on schedule. Thankfully we had our tents and our new larger tent for the membership sales table in place in advance of the showers. We wrapped up our games with our world famous tug of war … I forget who won but we sure had fun.  Our picnic theme was a display of old cottage photos and what fun we had reminiscing.
We had our usual draws, which drew lots of groans and lots of cheers. On behalf of the LWRA, our sincerest thanks to Vince and Jillian for the Muskoka Brewery contributions to help make our annual summer event a  resounding success. Thank you Vince, for pitching in with our preparations for the pot luck picnic and being our lead sales person on our draw ticket sales.
Our weekend grand finale on Sunday at 2 pm, organized  by Alan Coxwell, was the annual sailboat race around the islands. I have heard rumors that it was hotly contested by past champions but apparently a “newbie” got in over the finish line ahead of the masters.
Special thanks to George Offshack for allowing us to use his property for our picnic,  Muskoka Brewery and Vince for your generous donations to our draw table for the pot luck picnic and Kimberly Carson for her contributions of treats and snacks.
Thank you to all for your participation in making our weekend such a success. To our Directors … I salute you for the tireless hours you put in to make this weekend a success.
For our shutterbugs out there, please share weekend pictures.

Best Regards,

Mike Douglas-Hecker

Tel: 647-290-1326

FOCA Holiday Weekend update


Laughing Child Banner
FOCA Elert – August Long Weekend 2019
Advocacy & Policy Updates
Changes still pending for Seasonal Electricity Customers
Since FOCA announced in our last Elert the impending elimination of the “Seasonal” customer rate class, Hydro One has submitted the required report to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). The submission includes an alternate solution for the OEB’s consideration. The OEB is currently reviewing the report from Hydro One, and is expected to reach a decision shortly. FOCA continues to monitor this issue, and will advise our members accordingly.
Stay tuned for further information, and follow the issue here:  https://foca.on.ca/electricity-pricing/
Not sure how to determine if you are a “Seasonal” Hydro One customer? Find tips on FOCA’s Electricity Pricing webpage, at the link above.
Special Advisor on Flooding Appointed
As reported in this CTV News story from July 18, the Province of Ontario has named Doug MacNeil as a Special Advisor after this spring’s flooding along the Ottawa River and in other parts of cottage country. He is due to report back to the government this fall.
Provincial Government Partners
Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Ontario Green Party, met with FOCA at our offices in Peterborough on July 4th, to discuss some of FOCA’s priority interests and the role of the Province related to water quality, land use planning, biodiversity, and strong rural economies. FOCA appreciates the ongoing interest of our political leadership, and will continue to contribute to this dialogue as a significant voice for rural Ontario.
Federal Election Year

The 43rd Canadian federal election is scheduled for Monday, October 21, 2019. FOCA will post news, links and updates as they become available, here:

Environmental Updates
Environmental Appointment

Ontario’s Auditor General has appointed Jerry DeMarco as Commissioner of the Environment. FOCA members will recall that this replaces the former position of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario. For more, see FOCA’s webpage: https://foca.on.ca/environmental-bill-rights/

Great Lakes Advisory Committee

FOCA recently joined CELA’s Healthy Great Lakes program Advisory Committee. 90% of FOCA’s members are located in the Great Lakes basin, or directly on one of the Great Lakes. We all have a role to play, and our respective governments have a leading role. The program aims to advance policy and enhance citizen engagement. Find out more here: https://www.cela.ca/healthy-great-lakes


Meeting with Science Partners

July 15, Peterborough – FOCA’s Executive Director Terry Rees met up with Matt McCandless, Executive Director of the IISD-ELA (International Institute for Sustainable Development – Experimental Lakes Area) to discuss common issues and exchange publications.
FOCA appreciates the ongoing freshwater scientific research at IISD-ELA, which has been 50 years in the making. Situated in the heart of northwestern Ontario, IISD-ELA is dedicated to researching threats and finding solutions for our freshwater. For a recent article about their work, see, “Meet the Scientists Who Pollute Lakes on Purpose.”
FOCA’s Gold-level Sponsors:
CottageLINK Rental Management
FOCA Programs
FOCA’s Cottage Succession Seminar Series

Answering questions at the Perth event

We have been busy on-the-road with estate lawyer Peter Lillico for the 2019 FOCA Cottage Succession Seminars in Ramara, the Kawarthas, Perth, and Kennisis Lake.

The final stop this season will be:
  • Sept. 21 – Haliburton (co-hosts: Soyers Lake Ratepayers Assoc.)
For details and how to register, visit: https://foca.on.ca/cottage-succession/
Thanks to FOCA Board Director Tony Lepine for assisting with hosting duties at the Kennisis event!
Lake Partner Program

LAST CALL!!! LPP volunteers are reminded to send in your pictures of local “Water Sampler Assistants” (kids, neighbours’ kids, etc.) helping with LPP water sampling, to be entered into the FOCA draw that will take place next week.

Email your water sampling pictures to: lakepartner@ontario.ca to be entered into the running for a boating safety prize.

Invasive Species News
Round Goby in Rideau Canal
Read this online Global News story from mid-July, about invasive Round Goby which have been found for the first time in the Rideau Canal. FOCA reminds boaters to prevent the spread of invasive species between water bodies by following tips listed here: https://foca.on.ca/invasive-species/
Asian carps
Great Lakes Member Associations: are you looking for materials for your next meeting or newsletter? Download and share FOCA’s factsheet about Asian carps, available here: https://foca.on.ca/asian-carp/. Thank you for being part of the fight to prevent the spread of invasive species in the Great Lakes and Ontario’s inland lakes.
Watch the video about Asian carps:  https://youtu.be/2oCiwbrlAuc
Members along the Great Lakes: Please share this resource with everyone at your waterbody!
Volunteer efforts to prevent Invasives
A FOCA member and Lake Steward in Haliburton has informed FOCA that a grassroots group has launched a ‘United Lakes Invasive Species Watch’ in the absence of provincial funding for aquatic invasive species tracking. Working with citizens and aquatic science partners, the group is functioning at their own expense, and has established drop-zones for lab samples to analyze for the presence of spiny water flea and zebra mussels. To connect with this group, email: bszitaknight@gmail.com.
Safety & Preparedness
Smoke and Fire 
Fire Smoke Map at July 8, 2019
Many parts of cottage country are presently under fire bans. FOCA reminds everyone to check local fire restrictions before burning. Make sure your guests have this information, as well.
For links to fire danger and fire smoke maps, such as this one, visit:
FOCA’s Silver-level Sponsors
Cottage Life
Waterfront Living
Wrecked or Abandoned Vessels 
FOCA has been approached by Transport Canada’s Navigation Protection Program to help spread the word about the new Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act, which came in to force on July 30, 2019.
Upcoming Events & Regional Notices
Friends of the Muskoka Watershed
Sunday, August 11, 2019 in Gravenhurst – The theme of the event, which includes their Annual General Meeting and an update on the ASHMuskoka project, is “From Restoration to Prevention.” Find out more on their website.
Jack’s Lake Film Fest
August 15-17, 2019 near Apsley – Congratulations to our member group, the Jack’s Lake Association, on their third annual Film Fest, in association with TIFF Film Circuit! Passes and tickets are on sale now, with proceeds supporting JLA events and the North Kawartha Food Bank. Find out more about the award-winning films being screened, and get tickets, by clicking here.

Severn Sound Environmental Association

Friday, August 23, 2019 in Port Severn – save the date for the SSEA Open House at the Baxter Ward Community Centre from 12:30 to 6:00pm. Watch for more information, here:
Canadian Safe Boating Council’s Annual Symposium
September 18-20, 2019 in Port Credit – This year’s event, titled “Shared Waterways,” is a symposium about the responsible sharing of Canadian waterways, as well as a networking opportunity for leaders and others interested in boating. Register by September 7, 2019. Download the 2-page event brochure including pricing, by clicking here.
Remember: because FOCA is a member of the Canadian Safe Boating Council, all our members can access the super 40% discount on online purchases of Coleman products! A new access code has been issued for this offer, and FOCA members can download it, and all your member benefit codes, here:
(Don’t have, or can’t recall your Member Web Login? Contact us and we’ll reply by email during business hours!)

LakeLinks Workshop

Saturday, October 26, 2019 in Perth – save the date. Details to come in a future Elert.
FOCA Fall Seminar for Lake Associations
Saturday, November 16, 2019 in Toronto – save the date for our next member meeting. Details to come in a future Elert.
You Asked, FOCA Answered
Here are some recent member inquiries, and our replies:
Q: What’s the status of ONCA? What do we need to do now?

A: The Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act(ONCA) is scheduled to be proclaimed in 2020, and incorporated organizations will have three years after proclamation to come into conformity with the new act. In the meantime, the Ontario Corporations Act remains the standard. FOCA Members can get updates and useful links, here: https://foca.on.ca/onca-overview/. FOCA will announce updates as they become available in the FOCA Elert – make sure you are subscribed!

Q: Can FOCA help us develop our volunteer Board of Directors?

A: Yes. FOCA posts lots of Association resources here: https://foca.on.ca/toolkit-overview/. In particular, see the links on that webpage about Board and volunteer recruitment and retention. This topic was featured at the 2017 FOCA Fall Seminar, and you can link to the presentations from that event, from the Association Toolkit webpage, as well.

Q: Does FOCA have resources about consensus-building, and how to do it successfully?
A: Yes. This subject is woven through FOCA’s recent publication: A Guide to Municipal Engagement for Lake Associations. While the guide refers to ways to build consensus with your municipal partners, the first step is to build consensus among your community. See in particular the notes on “Effective Community Decision Making” on pages 17-19 of the Guide, available for download here:
Peter Kenyon and FOCA’s Terry Rees at the Teeny Tiny Summit, Calabogie, Apr.2019
Also, FOCA recommends watching the video recording of the closing keynote address from the 2019 Rural Ontario Municipal Association Conference, by Peter Kenyon, about small-community development. Catch it on YouTube:
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Canadian Canoe Museum
Member Success Stories
Advocacy Efforts in the City of Kawartha Lakes
FOCA sends congratulations to our member group, the Head Lake North Shore Cottagers’ Association, who recently took our new Municipal Engagement Guide to heart.
The group organized an email campaign to their local Municipality, asking for the renewal of a Limited Service Agreement for their rural road in the City of Kawartha Lakes. In response to initial reports that the Agreement would end this year, the group rallied residents who sent many email messages to the Municipality (and copied FOCA), before the issue was resolved to their satisfaction at a Council meeting this month. There is such strength in numbers! We encourage you to read the FOCA Guide to Municipal Engagement and keep up the great work. Rural Ontario: we’re in this, together.
Member Associations: we love to hear your success stories! Please keep us updated: info@foca.on.ca
Recent Events Attended
July 6 – FOCA participated in the lake-side Annual General Meeting of our member group, the Lake Kasshabog Residents’ Association.
July 7 – following the Cottage Succession Seminar co-hosted by the Lake Networking Group, FOCA met with our Perth-area member groups for a listening session on association top issues and burning questions.
July 11 – Norwood. FOCA participated in the Trent Conservation Coalitionmeeting as members of the Source Water Protection Committee.
July 16 – FOCA’s Executive Director was treated to breakfast with the Mayor of Rideau Lakes and Association Executives, before speaking at the Annual General Meeting of our member group, the Chaffey’s Area Lakes Association.


July 18-19 – Citizen Science, Open Data and Water Monitoring Workshop, Bangalore, India.
FOCA participated by video presentation in an international event focused on citizen science water monitoring projects. The workshop brought together Canadian and Indian researchers to share ideas and experiences, including FOCA’s partners at Ryerson University, and was organized with funding from IC-IMPACTS. Review FOCA’s short video about the success of long-term citizen science efforts through the Ontario Lake Partner Program, by clicking the image below:
About the Ontario Lake Partner Program for IC-Impacts, 2019
About the Ontario Lake Partner Program, 
for IC-IMPACTS event, Bangalore, July 2019
Find out more about the Lake Partner Program, here:

July 30 – FOCA was pleased to attend a presentation about “Oak Lake Water Quality Assessment” with our members, Friends of Oak Lake, hosted by the City of Quinte West. This included a water quality assessment and initial recommendations by Hutchinson Environmental Services Ltd., outlining challenges and possible options for future stewardship of this kettle lake. While some of the information was obviously lake-specific, it provides a useful example of a thoughtful analysis of underlying conditions, and also the interaction and complexity of the various contributing factors. Review the slide presentation, by clicking here.

FOCA Outreach
Bringing the Message to Farmers’ Markets
FOCA’s Outreach Assistant has been busy this summer, talking with the public at local events and farmers’ markets in south-central Ontario. Olivia has engaged with hundreds of visitors, encouraged some very young stewards, and answered lots of questions!
Member Associations: Is there an August event near you that Olivia should hear about? Let us know: outreach@foca.on.ca
Some Weekend Reading…
FOCA Lake Stewards Newsletter
Have you read the new FOCA Lake Stewards Newsletter, yet? This edition includes articles on septic re-inspection programs, Asian carps, rural road questions, and much more. Enjoy and share the digital copy:
Shoreline Owners’ Guides: back in print!

FOCA is pleased to report that we now have more copies of this popular guide to offer our members and partners.

The booklet includes introductory information about shorelines, septic systems, invasive species and much more. The FOCA office has copies available for your local event, municipal office, or lake association membership drive! Contact us: info@foca.on.ca
FOCA is the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations,
the voice of the waterfront for over 55 years
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August long weekend activities

Hello Cottagers,

The LWRA annual Civic Holiday Weekend events are coming soon. 

Canoe and Kayak Races – Saturday, August 3rd at 10 am

The weekend starts off with canoe and kayak races on Saturday, August 3rd at 10 am at Frasers Beach.  There are events for all ages.  Bring your canoe or kayak, paddles and lifejackets.  Register at the sign on the beach.  Awards will be given out at the end of the event.

Potluck Picnic – Saturday, August 3rd at Limerick Lodge  3:30 – 6 pm 

The annual picnic will be a pot luck event this year and has been moved back to an early dinner.  Games for kids and adults start at 3:30 pm with food to be shared at 5 pm.  The event winds up at 6 pm to permit the Limerick Lodge guests access to the area.

Please bring a main course and a side dish or dessert to share. There will be a BBQ available if you wish to use it.  To keep it as green as possible please bring along your own dishes and cutlery.  There is no cost to attend.

We will be showcasing heritage pictures from around the lake so please bring along a favourite old photo to display.  They will be returned at the end of the day.

Sailboat Races – Sunday, August 4th at  2 pm

Races start at 2 pm sharp with the starting line in front of the Coxwell cottage in the middle of the south shore.  All types of sailboats are welcome. Two rounds of the triangular course are made, which includes the islands as one marker buoy (which you can circle in either direction depending on the wind), with the third buoy off the north shore in front of Bennett’s cottage directly across from Coxwell’s cottage. 

Septic Pump Out

Jan Mackillican is organizing a septic pump out for water access cottages.  Jan found a company willing to come to the lake but they require 10 properties to participate.

She needs a few more cottages to join so please contact Jan at jan@leaditteams.com for more information or to sign up.  FOCA has more information on septic systems at  https://foca.on.ca/septic-systems/ or see the fact sheet attached.

LWRA memberships can be renewed or purchased at the picnic

Membership dues of $50 per cottage and can be paid at any time by cash or cheque payable to Limerick Waterways Ratepayers’ Association or online through PayPal at


or through the LWRA website https://limerickwra.wordpress.com .    Cheques can be mailed to 71 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto, Ont., M4E 3S2.   If you have any trouble with the Paypal link please reply to this email.

Mary Argue,

LWRA Treasurer

Limerick YOGA- Saturdays @ 9 am

Danielle Yohn will be offering yoga classes on Saturdays at 9 am at her cottage for the rest of the summer starting this Saturday, July 20.

Hatha  yoga class is ALL LEVELS  for 60 minutes.   Class is outside on the lawn by the water at 119 Caverly Bay. Please call or text Danielle Yohn 613 438 2266 to confirm attendance by each Friday. Some mats are provided but if you have one please bring along.


This is a donation based class. Please pay what you can. 50 % will be donated to LWRA.
If there is enough interest an additional class on Sundays many be offered.

First aid training July 13

Dear LWRA members
Just a reminder that Saturday the 13th  at 10 am we are having our first aid training at 10 am on the lawn in front of the Limerick Lake Lodge (weather permitting), co-sponsored by  Limerick Lake Lodge & Marina and the LWRA .
Please bring your own chairs/picnic blankets.
The forecast is for a warm day, so please remember to bring you sunscreen, hats and water.  If you have forgotten your beverage or sunscreen, you can purchase at the Marina store on the way up to the lodge.  Also – bring a pen and paper for note-taking,

Best Regards,

Mike Douglas-Hecker

Tel: 647-290-1326


mikedh@rogers.com  or mike@cathim.com

FOCA June 2019 newsletter

FOCA Elert – June 2019
FOCA on the Road
Welcome, Olivia!

Please join us in welcoming Olivia Huber, who has joined us for the summer of 2019 as FOCA’s Outreach Assistant. Watch for her on-the-road at cottage country events, including local farmers’ markets. Follow her activities on Twitter: @FocaOutreach.

This outreach effort is part of FOCA’s strategic priorityto expand our audiences and to raise awareness of waterfront issues among those who may not yet be part of a local lake association. Education is a key component to change attitudes, whether that relates to boating concerns, environmental issues or “pinch-points” such as noise and light pollution in cottage country.
Member Associations: Is there an event near you that Olivia should attend? Let us know: outreach@foca.on.ca

Advocacy & Policy Updates
Electricity rates are on the rise

In July 2019, Hydro One will be implementing their Ontario Energy Board-approved rate increases for all rate classes, retroactive to 2018. This will result in a significantjump in your hydro bill. Watch your mail in the coming weeks for official notice from the company.

In other rate news, FOCA is still closely following OEB’s proposed elimination of the “Seasonal” rate class, which could drive up rates by $1000/year for 84,000 rural customers! FOCA will be actively involved in these discussions over the months ahead. Stay tuned for information, and follow the issue here: https://foca.on.ca/electricity-pricing/.
Tackling Cell Dead Zones
EORN group announcment; Terry Rees with MNRF Minister John Yakabuski

On May 17, FOCA attended with politicians and partners from the Eastern Ontario Regional Network at the announcement of Ontario funding of $71 million toward the project to improve cell service and mobile broadband in eastern Ontario. Federal funding is still pending. Read more on page 24 of the new 2019 FOCA Lake Stewards Newsletter. (and see more about the Newsletter, below!)

Provincial Cabinet Changes
On June 20, 2019, the PC government dramatically shuffled its cabinet. For details, see: https://foca.on.ca/provincial-government-whos-who-the-cabinet/
New Fisheries Act passes

Since the Act was significantly weakened in 2012, FOCA has awaited a renewed and strengthened Federal approach to fisheries. We look forward to the implementation of this legislation, and the accompanying regulations which we hope will more robustly protect fish and fish habitat. See more: https://foca.on.ca/fisheries-act-revisions-overview/

Navigable Waters
With the passing of Bill C-69 on June 20, the Canadian Government hopes to broaden environmental assessments to include environmental, social and health impacts, as well as impacts on Indigenous peoples, jobs and the economy over the long-term. Learn more:
New Publications
FOCA Lake Stewards Newsletter
We are thrilled to announce the release the new 2019 FOCA Lake Stewards Newsletter! The print version is being mailed to the executive of Member Associations, but you can enjoy and share the digital copy, now:
Lake Health Report Card
Terry picked up copies of the Lake Health Report at Robinson’s General Store in Dorset

The Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners Associations has released the Lake Health Report for the Haliburton Highlands. The project is an amalgam of over 20 years of lake monitoring data including the Lake Partner Program, Love Your Lake, and additional Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks lake monitoring. 118 lakes are included in the report, which outlines water quality indicators, depth and size of each lake, trends and more.

Purchase a copy through your local Haliburton lake association, or select other retail locations in the region.
FOCA’s Gold-level Sponsors:
CottageLINK Rental Management
Asian carp
New video release
FOCA’s Executive Director is one of the partners featured in this video, released by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, on the subject of Asian carp and what is being done to prevent their spread into the Canadian Great Lakes. Watch the video:
Members along the Great Lakes: Please share this resource with everyone at your waterbody!
FOCA Programs
FOCA’s Cottage Succession Seminar Series

One of Peter’s recent presentations was at Balsam Lake on June 1, 2019

Plan to attend an in-person event with estate lawyer Peter Lillico this summer at the 2019 FOCA Cottage Succession Seminars. Our next stops are:

  • July 6th – with the Cavendish Community Ratepayers Association. The topic is  “Trusts: Protecting the Family Cottage AND Saving Taxes.”
  • July 7th – in Perth with the Lake Networking Group. The topic is the overview presentation in the series: “Learn how to Keep the ‘Family’ in the Family Cottage.”
For more details and how to register: https://foca.on.ca/cottage-succession/
Lake Partner Program
LPP volunteers are reminded to send in their pictures of local “Water Sampler Assistants” (kids, neighbours’ kids, etc.) helping with LPP water sampling, to be entered into the FOCA draw that will take place on the Civic Holiday weekend in August.
Email your sampling pictures to: lakepartner@ontario.cato be entered into the running for a boating safety prize.
FOCA’s Silver-level Sponsors
Cottage Life
Funding Notices
Rideau Lakes: Lake Association Committee

FOCA congratulates the Township of Rideau Lakes, which has recently set up a Rideau Lakes Lake Association Committee (RLLAC) as a forum to discuss issues and concerns among lake association representatives, the mayor and township councillors. Committee meetings will be open to the public, and start July 4th. Additionally, Rideau Lakes Council has initiated an annual grant to lake associations, “to support the important work they do”; for 2019, nine associations applied, and share about $20,000. What an excellent example to bring to YOUR local Council! For more information on this model, contact FOCA.

Kawartha Lakes Incentive Grant Program

A new program has launched in the City of Kawartha Lakes to provide incentive funding for landowners and community groups who undertake projects that will improve the quality of surface water across the municipality. Submit proposals soon, for initial site visits by July 19th!

Contact Holly Shipclark, Kawartha Conservation by email HShipclark@kawarthaconservation.com or call 705-328-2271 ext.240.
Rideau Valley Shoreline Naturalization
June 2019 – the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) is booking site visits to help property owners plant trees and shrubs along shorelines to help protect against future flood damage. Already this spring, RVCA staff installed a total of 11,500 native plants on 63 private properties across the watershed, and worked with community groups to naturalize public shorelines. For more, visit: https://www.rvca.ca/stewardship-grants/shoreline-naturalization/shoreline-naturalization-program
Grants for Lake Associations Stewardship Projects

Apply by July 15th to the Daniel and Susan Gottlieb Lake Stewardship Grant Program, as announced this month by Watersheds Canada. The program will supply up to $500 per association for education and action projects that contribute to lake health. Get details, and the application, here:

Regional Notices & Upcoming Events
After the Floods

Muskoka – As the flood waters recede, we are left with all the damage to docks, shorelines and boathouses exposed. A committee has been initiated, comprised of federal, provincial and municipal politicians, as well as key stakeholders including the Muskoka Watershed Council, as the Province has indicated that addressing flooding solutions will take time, but we need to start on it, now. The provincial government is also looking for public input which can be provided through Ontario.ca/floodsurvey(with notes from the Muskoka Lakes Association June “Newsbites”)

LakeSmart Team hits the water!
Earlier this week, the Lake of the Woods District Stewardship Association’s LakeSmart Team took to the water for the summer season, to share information on ways to live and play green at the lake. Find out more:
French-Severn Forest Work Schedule Notice
FOCA has over 125 Member Associations in the French Severn Forest area. The Annual Work Schedule for the French-Severn Forest has been reviewed and approved by the Parry Sound District Office of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. Click here to download the notice (PDF, 1 page), which includes where to view the plan.
Sustainable Cottaging Day: Kawarthas

Saturday, June 29th – Juniper Island, Ston(e)y Lake. You’re invited to the first-ever Sustainable Cottaging Day on the lake, presented by the Association of Stoney Lake Cottagers, the Stony Lake Yacht Club and the Environment Council for Clear, Ston(e)y and White Lakes. Meet experts on topics such as water quality, healthy waterfronts, invasive species, fire safety, septic systems, safe boating and more! Click here for the event poster. (PDF, 1 page)


Lessons from Southern Ontario’s big lake

The Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority has published information about the top threats facing Lake Simcoe. Read all about it:
Great Lakes Action Plan

Building on the model of the U.S. Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the Canadian and Ontario governments have been handed a 10-year prescription for action on nutrients, toxins and flooding by an expert panel. Click here to download an overview about the Great Lakes Action Plan. (PDF, 4 pages)

90% of FOCA’s members are located in the Great Lakes basin, or directly on one of the Great Lakes. We all have a role to play, and our respective governments have a leading role.
FOCA recently joined CELA’s Healthy Great Lakes Advisory Committee which is focussed on robust public policy and an engaged Great Lakes basin citizenry.
Safety & Preparedness
Fireworks & Flying Lanterns By-law 

The Council of Dysart et al has passed a fireworks by-law that bans the retail sale or use of flying lanterns completely, and limits fireworks within the municipality to New Year’s Eve and the weekends of Victoria Day, Canada Day and the Civic Holiday. For a link to the new by-law, and additional information on the topic of flying lanterns, visit: https://foca.on.ca/flying-fire-lanterns/

FOCA’s Bronze-level Sponsors
Dock in a Box
Nature Clean New Logo 2013
Canadian Canoe Museum
Recent Events
Inland Waters Monitoring Conference
Andrew Paterson, MECP Research Scientist
May 29, 2019 – Huntsville. FOCA was one of the sponsors of, and attended, this event for our science partners to meet and discuss multiple stressors on inland lakes, climate change modelling, the impacts of calcium decline, and northern science projects on lake trout, contaminants, limnology and road salt.
Supporting this information exchange among science partners helps to fulfill one of FOCA’s strategic commitments, to advance the understanding and application of topical environmental concerns in our broad areas of interest including water quality, invasive species, climate change, and important emerging issues.
Kawarthas Alliance Meeting
June 1, 2019 – Stoney Lake. FOCA participated with local lake association representatives at this meeting to discuss how regional alliances may respond in a timely and effective manner to issues that are broader than the mandate of individual organizations, especially municipal decisions affecting land development.
FOCA at the Crystal Lake Cottagers Association
June 2, 2019 – FOCA’s Communications Coordinator was one of the speakers at our member Association’s AGM, about all the benefits of FOCA membership.
To download your own copy of the FOCA Member Benefits sheet, visit: https://foca.on.ca/member-services/benefits/
Hastings Highlands Interlake Alliance Meeting
June 3, 2019 – Combermere. FOCA’s President, Marlin Horst, participated on behalf of his local lake association, in the annual meeting of this Hastings Highlands group, alongside other lake association representatives and Vic Bodnar, Mayor of Hastings Highlands (standing in the accompanying picture).
Septic Savvy Seminar

June 8, 2019 – Plevna. FOCA was pleased to have been part of this workshop. Read about the Township of North Frontenac’s septic reinspection program, and download presentations from the June 8th event on the Township website. (Pictured: Mayor Ron Higgins with event organizer, and FOCA Director, Bruce Moore addressing the crowd at the Seminar.)

Algonquin Land Claim Stakeholders Group Meeting
June 10, 2019 – Peterborough. On behalf of our members in the claim region, FOCA continues to participate in stakeholder meetings related to the ongoing Algonquin Land Claim. For background on this file, visit:
Road Summit

June 15, 2019 – Havelock-Belmont-Methuen. This roads meeting was hosted by Belmont Lake Cottagers’ Association. Preliminary results from FOCA’s 2019 Road Survey were part of the event. FOCA’s slides are available here:

The full FOCA Road Survey Report–with benchmark information on road fees, expenses, maintenance practices and more–will be released by FOCA to member Road Associations this Fall. To be notified of the release of the report, ensure you have provided us with consent to email you.

North Kawartha Lakes Association Meeting
June 22, 2019 – FOCA attended the NORKLA event, titled “Lake Health: What you need to do.” (Pictured: Dr. Andrea Kirkwood of Kirkwood Labs discussing the threat of Starry Stonewort across southern Ontario lakes.)
Winning with FOCA!
Boating Safety Prize Winner
The winner got personal prize delivery from a FOCA Board member! (Thanks, Daryle.)

At the Spring Cottage Life Show in March 2019, FOCA featured a draw for a boating safety prize pack, valued at $300. We finally got to connect with the Seguin-area winner in June, thanks to our Board Member Daryle Moffatt, who is a local Councillor, and picked up the prize at the FOCA office during the last Board meeting.

The winner of the boating safety prize was: Dawn Sendzik
Municipal Engagement Prize Winner
Terry and Dave at the FOCA AGM
At the FOCA AGM in March 2019, we promised a final door prize to attendees: a draw for the upcoming book release from speaker Dave Meslin. We are very pleased to announce that Dave’s book, Teardown: rebuilding democracy from the ground up, is out, and we have been sharing copies with partners.
The AGM winner of the book was:
Allan McKellar of the Paudash Lake Conservation Association.
Dave has been getting lots of good press! Check out this article from Maclean’s:
Association Tools
Planning your Association AGM or Newsletter?
FOCA can help with that.

Got an Association meeting coming up? Please include a quick update from FOCA for your members. Share information from the 2018 Year in Review, or 20/20 Vision: Strategic Framework.

Have a 5 or 10 minute spot on your meeting agenda? Show one of FOCA’s videos! Stream them on YouTube if you’ve got internet access, or contact us for tips on downloading to a laptop:

Need an article for your Newsletter? Consider reproducing an article from FOCA’s last Lake Stewards Newsletter on lyme disease, cyber safety, or other topics. Or visit the FOCA website to search for other articles, by topic: https://foca.on.ca/resources/

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Your Board of Directors
Members of the FOCA Board of Directors met together in Peterborough in mid-June for a Board Meeting as well as a social at the Executive Director’s home.
For more about our wonderful volunteer Board of Directors, and their individual cottage stories, visit: https://foca.on.ca/about/team/
Happy Canada Day Long Weekend
From all of our families, to all of yours, we wish everyone a very happy and healthy Canada Day.
The FOCA office will be closed on Monday, July 1st.
Enjoy the long weekend!
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