2022 Picnic and AGM

LWRA Minutes of August 5, 2022 (5 pm to 7 pm)

Annual General Meeting was co-ordinated with the annual LWRA picnic held at the camping area of Limerick Lake Lodge and Marina

Board members present: Ed, Kyle, Mary, Aron, Mel, Mike, Pauline, David, Frank, Sasha. Absent: Alan, Jillian, Lexi. 

Picnic and Games:

Welcomed all to the annual pot luck picnic.

Lots of Good Food, good lake stories and adventures of May 21, 2022.  

Attendance was good and we collected $600 in new revenue from ticket sales and new memberships

AGM minutes:

Called to order at 5:30

Presentations were made by invited guests who are running for municipal office in the fall 2022 election. Kim Carson for Mayor, Jan Mackillican for Councillor, Shawn Pack for Councillor. Kim and Jan are both incumbent Councillors and bring a wealth of knowledge and work ethic to their positions, where they have successfully looked after the interests of ratepayers of Limerick Township for the last 4 years.  Shawn will be a welcome addition with his wealth of business experience.  For all cottagers, did you know that you can vote at your cottage property as well as at home?  Please go the Limerick Township website for more information and to make sure that you are on the registered voter list.  It is important that all cottagers take advantage of their civic duty and cast your vote.

Financials: Mary presented our financials with a membership of approximately 30 and a bank balance of approximately $10,000. Our goal this year is to attract a total of 50 members.

SQL: Jillian sent along an update that I will send over to Alan to post

Election:  Dean M, joins the board, George Offshack joins the board, George was voted in as President.  Aaron Huizanga was voted in as Vice-President.  Balance of board by acclimation.  Ed Offshack and Mike D-H, stepped back from their board positions.  Ed will continue with his Mining portfolio. 

George gave a brief overview of his participation on lake matters of the last few decades and he will be  keen to continue our water conservatory and protection of our lakes.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:30. 

Special Thanks to Shawn and Krista Pack for providing us space for our annual picnic. 

Thank you to all who participated in the assembly and tear-down of the day’s events.  Many hands certainly make the tasks go smoother.

It has been a pleasure and a  great 3-1/2 years working with the board and our lake community.  I wish all well in the future.


Mike Douglas-Hecker

Burning only after 7 p.m.

On behalf of Cindy Fuerth our Limerick Fire Prevention Officer, please be aware that there is no day burning from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  This applies to any open air burning (excluding BBQ’s).   Cindy further reiterates that if at 7 p.m. there are still strong winds please defer your burning.  She asks that if you see open air fires during 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., such as brush fires, please call 911. 

If  anyone has questions or guidance on safe practices, please check the township website, Fire Department – Township of Limerick.

Cindy will also be sending some info sheets to be posted in areas covered by your LWRA.

Lake Protection Workbook

Watersheds CanadaDear Cottager,You have been asking, and we have exciting news! The Lake Protection Workbook was updated and a second printing has happened! Now is the time for you to order your copies for your family and waterfront or cottage association.  The “Lake Protection Workbook: A Self-Assessment Tool for Shoreline Property Owners” is an educational tool that helps property owners make improvements to their shorelines, and provides information about lake protection. It includes a series of questions that will help you assess how well you are protecting your property and your lakefront through everyday actions. The Workbook also provides practical information, recommendations, and space for recording improvements to assist you in your lake protection efforts.This Workbook was produced by the Lake Links Planning Committee with collaboration and review from many organizations including: Cataraqui Conservation, Friends of the Tay Watershed Association, Lake Networking Group, Lanark County Stewardship Council, Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and Watersheds Canada.While you can always download an online copy for free, you can also now order a physical copy for $2.00+shipping by emailing Monica at info@watersheds.ca. Payment can be sent by e-transfer or by cheque, and will be arranged by email. Copies are now ready to ship! If you have any questions, please email Monica at info@watersheds.caAlready using your Lake Protection Workbook? Make a positive change in your community and be entered in a draw for a $100 gift card to your local native plant nursery! Take a photo of you using the Lake Protection Workbook and taking local action and post it on social media using #LakeBookChallenge. You can also email a photo and caption to info@watersheds.ca. This contest ends September 30, 2022 and is open to Canadian residents. Best wishes,Cataraqui Conservation, Friends of the Tay Watershed Association, Lake Networking Group, Lanark County Stewardship Council, Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and Watersheds Canada
The 2022 Lake Links Planning Committee P.S. don’t forget to save the date for the 2022 Lake Links workshop, taking place on Saturday, October 22nd!Watersheds Canada · 40 Sunset Blvd, Suite 115, Perth, ON K7H 2Y4, Canada
This email was sent to Keithjones1@sympatico.ca. To stop receiving emails, click here.Your Lakes. Your Rivers. Your FutureCreated with NationBuilder, the essential toolkit for leaders.

Add a boat to cottage rental request

Boat and cottage needed while rebuilding:

The same cottage owners who advertised for a cottage to rent in August are now

in need of a boat to rent or buy as well.

Owners are looking for a boat – 16 feet or so with a cover – to rent for the month of August.

They have a Honda 50HP motor so do not need a motor but will be open to any offers.

Owners prefer to rent this year as they want to buy a pontoon boat but there are no slips

available at the marina for pontoon boats this season.

Please contact: Linda Sheppard: 416-558-6660 or lwshep28@gmail.com

or Nancy Cymbalisty: 867-446-0675 or nancyc@theedge.ca

Cottage needed while rebuilding

Wanted to Rent:

August. Waterfront cottage. To sleep four to five adults. Two small children. 

Needs to be fully equipped with electricity and running water. A boat would be

an asset. Wanted by a family that knows Limerick Lake very well but is 

looking for an alternative to their cottage very much damaged by May 21st storm.

Please contact: Linda Sheppard: 416-558-6660; lwshep28@gmail.com

or Nancy Cymbalisty: 867-446-0675; nancyc@theedge.ca

200 year-old pines vanish in minutes

Few cottages on Limerick Lake were spared by a devastating storm which tore down the lake mid-afternoon on Saturday, May 21, 2022. The intense winds were brief but much of the forest was flattened by the sudden impact. My cottage on the south shore was crushed by three giant White Pines and a couple of large Poplars. Power was lost all over the area and almost a week later many are still without electrical service. With intense work schedules Hydro crews did manage to restore power at Limerick Marina late Thursday afternoon and are now tackling more remote areas on the lake. In conversation with some Hydro crew members on Thursday afternoon they were rather surprisingly optimistic about the chance of electricity being returned to much of the lake over the next week or so.

On the bright side no reports of injury or deaths on this lake system have been reported. The rebuilding has begun with neighbours and friends pitching in to help each other remove fallen trees and protect what buildings can be repaired. It is tragic to see our old forests decimated like this with many of the White Pine, which were too small to be taken back in the mid-1800s when logging began in this neighborhood, destroyed after centuries of growth. Mother Nature has her work cut out for her, as do we all.

Jim Duffin’s pontoon boat was picked up and thrown onto his dock, right on top of his runabout, and then the dock was ripped from the shore and sent down into North Bay of Limerick. Many challenges to overcome for all Limerick residents in the Summer of 2022.

Decibel Coalition – Quiet Lakes

From: Nancy Croitoru <nancycroitoru@gmail.com>

Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2022, 02:19:25 p.m. EDT

Subject: Decibel Coalition Needs Your Help


I am following up on my earlier email about Transport Canada’s Stakeholder outreach Lets Talk.  As you will know from our Newsletters the national Decibel Coalition has been working to get the regulations changed that will allow enforcement agencies to enforce the requirement that all boats must have mufflers. This will give police the tools they need to help control excessively loud boats that affect the quiet enjoyment of our lakes

I am hoping your association has done or will do the following before the May 13th deadline:

  1. Put in a submission from your Association to Lets Talk        https://letstalktransportation.ca/svne
  1. Write to your federal MP’s both at the cottage and at your fulltime residence asking them to support these regulatory changes. 
    Just click here and the letter will be generated for you after putting in some basic information, including address or postal code. You can edit the letter if you would like. It would be especially useful if you include the lake you are on and how these excessively loud boats affect you.

Numbers matter to politicians and the more they hear about this problem the faster it will get addressed. 

  1. Go to the Transport Canada “Let’s Talk” web page and answer the fifth question using the following text as a guide:

Question 5: What do you think about introducing performance standards for manufacturers, importers and vessel operators to follow? These standards would make sure vessels don’t exceed certain decibel limits.
Suggested response:

–                      This is the only proposal that can realistically address excessive boat motor noise levels for both new and existing vessels. 

–                      They must be accompanied by internationally recognized decibel limits and  efficient and effective enforcement procedures

–                      Performance standards for manufacturers, importers and vessel operators will create clear, easy to understand, objective standards with decibel limits consistent with the USA and the EU. 

–                      Compliance costs for manufacturers and importers are minimal 

–                      Enforcement costs are low and are much lower than the current the regulations

Feel free to answer questions 1-4 and 6 if you like, but the solution in question 5 is the only one that will work effectively to reduce excessive boat motor noise in Canada

We want Transport Canada and our MP’s to get the message Loud and Clear.  Your time to complete these items will be a big help.


Nancy Croitoru

Email: nancycroitoru@gmail.com

Phone: 416-669=6028

More internet details!

Hi there.

After speaking to Northern Rural Net – 

You must subscribe before end of April – maybe May to get free install

Install before end of July

$20 for 6 months on an annual plan, $64.99 after that for 25 down/5 up + $1/mb upload per month to a max of 15 mb 

Towers are not being expanded. Only those that have reception. If you had no reception before are still not able to subscribe at least for this year. 

So for the first year it’s: $410 + tax

Next year( without an anticipated increase)  cost would be $780.00

I would also suggest you look at reviews online and keep in mind that Rogers is installing a tower in Gilmour/St. Ola 

Hope that is clearer! 


Kimberly Carson

Internet hookups

Limerick Lake Lodge & Marina, will be transitioning the Internet service over to Northern Rural Net this spring. 

1. Company website, location and telephone is as follows:

Northern Rural Net, Bancroft, Ontario, 

124 Hastings Street North, 888-998-0769


2. To sign-up you will need to complete the forms (2)  shown on the website. One is for billing and one is a request for service

3. Limerick Lake cottagers  will be offered a  free installation (this may be co-ordinated with a mass install day)

4. Limerick Lake Cottagers will be offered a special blanket annual contract rate of approx. $42.40 per month for a 12-month period

5. Installation will require cottage access to install new equipment and perhaps if you won’t be around, co-ordinate with a neighbor or friend. Northern Rural knows that most of us are water access.

6. Brochures will be left in boats at the marina, at ice-out and there may be some at Marina store as well. 

7. When you are applying for service and account, please make sure that you show your cottage address as well as your home billing address and clearly indicate Limerick Lake.

8. I believe that the Limerick Lake Lodge & Marina may be continuing a hot spot, but will verify.

Best Regards,

Mike Douglas-Hecker

Tel: 647-290-1326


mikedh@rogers.com  or mike@cathim.com

Here comes the Sun!

February sunshine is feeling a bit warmer here in 2022 and with daylight staying with us longer every day many of us feel we have turned a corner which will soon take us back to summer sunshine on our lakes. Your LWRA is active on many issues which pertain to maintaining the environment we all enjoy so much and you can assist in those efforts. If you would like to support your LWRA’s activities your annual membership payment of $50 per cottage would go a long way in helping to achieve our goal of protecting our lakes for generations to come.

To make your contribution easy, besides the Paypal option on this site, annual fees can be e-transferred to Treasurer Mary Argue at this address :


Thank you for joining!

See you at the lake.