Municipal Elections October 27, 2014

Hello Cottagers,

Welcome to the Limerick Waterways Ratepayers Association new Website.  We intend on using this site to better connect with you, and keep you up to date on our activities and share with you everything else that makes time spent on our lakes so enjoyable.

The most pressing issue right now is the upcoming municipal election.  With ballots already in the mail to cottage owners, it is imperative that you take the time to not only cast your ballot, but know what the candidates stand for.  With that in mind, your Board of Directors voted unanimously to throw our official support behind three candidates, all of whom are Limerick Waterway cottagers;

Sharon Carson – Reeve
John Taylor – Councillor
Mike Douglas-Hecker – Councillor

I asked each of these candidates to submit, for publication on this website, a statement to explain why they deserve your vote. Here are the statements from our preferred candidates.

Candidate:    Sharon Carson            Position: Reeve

I have had the honour of serving Limerick Township these past four years as a councillor. It was a rewarding experience as all members of council worked very hard at the challenges presented to us.

My personal background is in education where I have a degree and am a specialist in Special Education, Guidance and Leadership.  I have experience in elementary, secondary and in administration. After I retired from education, I worked with doctors and lawyers adjudicating Consent and Capacity cases under the Mental Health Law.

The cottage property has been in my husband’s family (Gunter) since 1927. The building we inhabit was built by Roy Phillips of St. Ola in 1960. Both our children and two grandchildren return to the cottage as if it was a magnet, sometimes very frequently.

It will be an honour, if elected, to work again for the residents of Limerick Township to better living conditions and keep taxes as low as possible.

Candidate: John Taylor Position: Councillor

John Taylor
Over 100 years ago, Percy Taylor came to the Township of Limerick and built his dream log cabin in the woods, marking the beginning of the Taylor family’s love affair with the rugged beauty of the Township of Limerick.
Percy’s grandson, John Taylor, is a third generation “Limerick Lake-ian” and is campaigning to be your Councillor in the Township of Limerick.

How John Taylor can help you
For more than 30 years, John ran a successful family business and managed a division of a mid-size company. He also volunteered his time for several years as a director of the Canadian Cosmetic Association. Each of these challenging roles allowed John to excel as a leader and provided him with extensive project management, marketing and finance experience – experience that can contribute greatly to everyone’s continued enjoyment of this amazing part of Ontario.

Why you should vote for John Taylor
John will (provide):

L ook after your tax dollars.
I ntegrity and honesty above all else.
S upport to everyone in the community.
T imely decision making.
E nvironmental consideration as an integral part of his decision making.
N o hidden agendas, he just wants what is best for the Township of Limerick.

John Taylor will LISTEN to you … because, like you, he wants what’s best for the Township of Limerick!

Elect John Taylor for Councillor
John’s love of and respect for the Township of Limerick is generations strong. He is committed to this community and he will work hard to make the Township of Limerick an even better place to live, work and vacation.  

Candidate: Mike Douglas-Hecker Position: Councillor

Community Issues at Large
Winter maintenance less used roads? If a road is deemed a seasonal road then why publicly maintain it?  
Re-opening the dump as a dump? Is it a cost effective action, and even if so, is it something we want to do? What can be done to lower our waste contributions, i.e. can seasonal residents be persuaded to “boomerang” their recyclables through their home programs, and what else can we do? Does it make sense for the Township to investigate an incinerator station like that near Darlington, which could offset dump cost?
Replacement of the Community Center: How is the facility being used now, and if the community feels a replacement is needed, how can it be optimized through multi-purpose use to offset cost of building a new one, short term and long term?
Replacement of the municipal offices?   Is it really needed for the size of the community?
A public beach for Limerick Lake?  Where would it be, and for what purpose? 
A public boat launch for Steenburg Lake? What will serve both the seasonal and permanent residents the best? 
Library funding? Is it best for Limerick to share a Library with Wollaston or is there a better solution given declining library use nationwide?

To be a fiscally responsible member of Limerick Township Council.
It is my intention, should I be elected, to be an active participant at Council meetings.
To ensure that any and all developments pay their anticipated infrastructure costs to meet the needs of the future residents of that community. That will be accomplished by off-setting any cost to the existing taxpayers as it relates to that development. i.e., if a project like Limerick Estates is deemed to require  X% of road use, then that project must fund X% of road maintenance and improvement costs
To be open and solicit the needs and goals of the community and work toward fulfilling them
To seek community support to grow and develop a sustainable business community, to help offset the tax load from the residential community.

Those are the candidates your LWRA Board of Directors has chosen to support. They, like us, are cottagers on the Limerick Waterways. They will make sure our voices are heard on Council, and considered in their deliberations. For the position of Councillor, you have four choices to make. I have also asked the other candidates in this election to send us a statement for your consideration. As of the time of publishing, here is what we had received.

Candidate: Tim Reid Position: Reeve

No statement Received

Candidate: Bonnie Weise Position: Councillor

For the past four years, I have been a member of Council for the Township of Limerick. I am seeking re-election on October 27, 2014.
During my tenure:

I have been actively involved and have attended all Council meetings. I am the alternate to the Reeve and conducted all duties and responsibilities when required.
I sit on the following “Committees of Council”: Minor Variance, Roads, Emergency Management Control Group (Public Information Officer).
Other committees I sat on; Economic Development, Recruit Doctors to North Hastings and the South Steenburg Lake Road Sub-Committee.
I have attended a workshop on the *DWSP (Drinking Water Surveillance Program) and more in-depth training for the Public Information Officer’s role and a two-day training for municipal councillors.

I was involved in organizing and planning the 125th Anniversary Celebration of Limerick Township, which led to the creation of a historical map that depicts the names and locations of the early settlers. Next was the production of a local history book. This was made possible with the assistance of the New Horizons for Seniors Program grant and with a lot of involvement from the local residents and former residents. A formal launch is being planned later this year for both the book and the historical map.

In 2013, I successfully applied for a two-year grant to the Ontario Community Sport and Recreation Fund. The purpose of the Grant is to assist and encourage all ages to keep physically active. Some of the programs offered to residents of Limerick, Tudor Cashel and Wollaston Townships are; McGeachie Conservation Guided Tours, Canoeing and Swimming Lessons, Xerdance and the Youth Volunteer Firefighter Program. The goal is to get our residents moving, resulting in healthier communities.

For the next four years, I believe Council needs to continue to:

Listen to our residents and consider their needs, while ever mindful of maintaining current infrastructure.
Encourage economic development while minimizing the environmental impact as we move forward.
Continue practicing “due diligence” when it comes to fiscal responsibility and preventing liability issues.

Don’t Forget to Vote on Monday, October 27, 2014!

Candidate: Andra Kauffeldt Position: Councillor

For the past four years, I have had the honour and the privilege to represent the ratepayers of Limerick Township in the capacity of Councillor on municipal council.  I have been a very active and vocal member of council throughout my term and have served as the Township Representative on a number of committees including:
     Policing Advisory Committee
     Recreation Committee
     Roads Committee
     Library Board
     Alternate Emergency Measures Response
Additionally, I have participated on an ‘as needed’ basis on several other committees from time to time to support my fellow council members when they could not attend a meeting or program launch.  I continue to be very visible and active in the community and regularly attend community events as a participant and as a volunteer.
The next four years will bring many challenges to our small municipality.  Rising costs for mandated services (such as police costs) and mandatory requirements to conform to legislative policy changes (such as Accessibility Regulations among others) will have expensive price tags.  These fiscal challenges will require the new council to find new and innovative ways to generate revenue while maximizing the use of every tax dollar collected from our ratepayers.  Waste Management, township infrastructure (roads, bridges, equipment and buildings) as well as continued due diligence with the Limerick Lake Estates Subdivision, to ensure the protection of the current residents of the lake, the future residents of the subdivision and the health of Limerick Lake are three of the key priorities for the next council to address over its four year term.
On October 27, 2014, I ask for your support as you choose your Council representatives for the next four years.  I commit to continue to be a strong advocate and voice for our municipality to ensure that all of our permanent and seasonal residents are proud of Limerick Township and able to continue to work, live and play here for many years to come.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns that you would like me to know about, I would be pleased to hear from you.  You can email me at or contact me by phone at 613-337-5763.  Thank you for your consideration.
Andra Kauffeldt

Candidate: Sue Empson Position: Councillor

I am Sue Empson, a mother and grandmother that has been vacationing in this community for over two decades.  This year I purchased a cottage on Steenburg Lake. As a retired Dairy Agricultural Specialist and Instructor at Kemptville College and Supervisor of Security at CFB Trenton, I am passionate about making this township safe, viable and a desirable place to live and work.

I invite an Open Door Policy and transparency.  I believe the community needs to explore possible grant programs, work with non-profit organizations and maintain the benefits, services and quality of theTownship as a whole.  Together all residents will benefit and make the Township of Limerick a wonderful place to promote and implement safe, clean water practices and to keep our lakes and land in pristine condition for future generations.

I hope I can count on your support this October so we can get started to continue and shape a unified community in this great Township of Limerick.

Thanks, Sue Empson (613) 921-1723

Candidate: Zane Plume Position: Councillor

No Statement Received

These are the candidates you have to select from to complete your 2014 Limerick Township Municipal Election ballots. Please take the time to fill in and cast your ballot and help ensure our Limerick Waterways have our interests represented on Limerick Township Council. Your LWRA supports Sharon Carson for Reeve, as well as both John Taylor and Mike Douglas-Hecker for Township Councillors. I hope you will as well. There are a total of four Councillors elected; our selected candidates fill two of the positions. Be sure to cast your ballot to fill the remaining positions with candidates that will provide the leadership and commitment we need.

Wishing the weather this week was the weather in July,

Brad Rooney
President, LWRA


Bob Mofford’s Memorial Service

News of Bob Mofford’s recent passing was shared with a great deal of saddness for many around Limerick Lake.
Bob was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable supporter of the LWRA for many years and was always there to lend a hand at any of the LWRA’s events. He served as President of the LWRA in 2006-2007, Secretary from 2009 to 2012 and kept everyone informed of news around the lake as editor of the LWRA Newsletter for almost a decade.
Bob will be deeply missed by his fellow cottagers in many different ways. Sailors on the lake will especially miss the sight of Bob’s pirate flag on top of his mast as he headed out to join in the annual sailboat races no matter what the weather had in store. May fair breezes find our fellow sailor and good friend.

Bob’s wife Pudge and his family are holding a memorial for Bob at the Wellington-on-the-Lake Recreation Center on Saturday, October 4th from 2 to 5 PM. Wellington is in Prince Edward County, south of Belleville, just a few miles from Picton.