Sitting in a Muskoka Chair in January

Muskoka is definitely not the environment many of us on Limerick Lake aspire to be in one day but at the 2015 Boat Show in Toronto last week I did discover one part of their culture that appeals to me. About an hour before the show was locking up the front doors for the evening I rounded a corner way in the back of the huge facility and discovered the bar where Muskoka Brewery was handing out samples of their four craft beers to thirsty travelers. Perfect timing once again.
Since I had taken a 45 minute walk along the lakeshore that morning to get to the Direct Energy Centre, checking out several marinas along the way with sailboats stacked like codfish in snowbanks for the winter, I was ready for a refreshing beverage. Their taps, tended by the generous Mackenzie Frost-Brown for the duration of the show, feature Muskoka Chairs in four different colours to make life easy for the uncertain patron. I started with the red chair. Then I found a big red Muskoka chair on the faux summer patio with some rather unusual characters from Texarcana, Texas. If you note the photo below, that is Tex Robert Junior behind the bar in the big fur hat with a very big beard below it. When I initially sidled up to the bar beside him I had to ask, “So, did you shoot that thing on your head?” With a twinkle in his eye and never missing a beat he replied. “Yup, and skinned it too!” I liked him right away. Sure beats all of the serious people driving around Toronto hunting for a parking spot.
That is “Big Mike” Relic behind the bar … and yes, he gets the Beachcombers reference all the time … as the Muskoka Brewery sales rep for our area. And out front with the other big beard is Pete Somebody from Hamilton. He and Tex are real entrepreneurs who took advantage of the Ontario Beer Store strike back in the early 70s by running American beer across Lake Erie to thirsty Ontarians who had failed to plan far enough ahead.
I am not at liberty to tell you how the evening ended but one thing I can tell you is that there will not be a new sailboat at my dock this summer. The $632,000 Juneau was unfortunately already sold by the time I got there. As an alternative, perhaps a few Limerick Lakers might want to join together and start up the Bancroft Brewery, thus keeping the Muskoka influence out of the neighbourhood for a while longer.

photo copy 3


2 thoughts on “Sitting in a Muskoka Chair in January

  1. What a way to end the Cottage Life Show..I built two similar chairs using 1″ pine everywhere , back in the year 2000 and I wax them every once in awhile…They sit outside on our porch here, in Peterborough and they are so comfortable especially when there is a glass in one hand… Drop by sometime Alan.. 1268 Melody Cres.. Regards CEC

  2. I was proud to have been associated with Jim Taylor and honoured to have been approved as an Honourary member of the L.W.R.A. I had been up with Jim flying Wow..I now still meet with his son in law Dan Nourse whenever the Barbershoppers meet to sing some old songs;It was an honour to have worked (and played) with Jim Taylor… CEC Mcbeth

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