April 13 public meeting on rezoning

Limerick Township has issued a Notice of a Public Meeting on April 13 to receive input on a rezoning application. The Notice can be viewed in detail by clicking on the link below. When contacted for clarification the proponent Wayne Nicholson provided the following information.

The easiest way to tell you where the parcel of land is located is to say it is where the large 2 slip in-water boathouse
is located in North Bay of Limerick Lake. There are 2 separate lots both
part of Lot 4 Con. 7 with lakeshore that goes from approximately 150 feet
east of the old cottage (which is east of the boathouse) around past the
boathouse to almost the next cottage to the southwest. Approximately 1400
ft. The reason for the rezoning is because we have applied to purchase the
shore road allowances, we have paid for and had the surveying done last fall
and now to complete the process the County requires that the zoning be
changed. The reason for applying to purchase the shore road allowance in the
first place was because the existing cottage and bunkhouse (which were built
in the 1960s) are both on that shore road allowance. It has nothing to do
with the parking at the marina, I only listed it as where we park, as the
cottage is water access. The usage of the property will remain the same.



2015-03-23-Notice of Hearing – Nicholson-Email Version


2015 Membership Dues for LWRA

In an effort to make payment of LWRA annual dues easy a Paypal account has now been set up. If you have a Paypal account you can use it or you can pay here online with Visa or Mastercard also. Annual dues are $50 per family cottage.
So … if you would like to be a member of the LWRA for 2015 in support of our efforts to protect the environmental integrity of the lake system we all love so much just click on the link below.
Spring is just around the corner!
And Thanks for joining your LWRA!

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