Logging Around Our Lakes

Logging Around the Lakes
Update – September 2015

Here are a few recent updates:
Long Year was granted “managed forest” status, in January 2015, for the lands they own around our lakes
Hastings County does not have any bylaws that specify the distance that logging operations must keep between logging activity and lake shores
In June, Hastings County agreed to write and put such a bylaw in place. Sharon Carson will represent the Reeves of the Hastings County townships and Jan MacKillican will represent cottagers. This activity will take place over the next months. We will keep you updated on progress.

By for now,
Jan MacKillican for the LWRA


August 30, 2015 Meeting Minutes

LWRA Meeting Minutes – Sunday, August 30th, 2015
Present: Jan MacKillican, Mary Argue, Lexi Kindbom, Mel Porter, Alex Topitsch, Brett Shephard, Alan Coxwell, Ed Stevens (guest), Gord Weller (guest)
Absent: Kimberly Carson, Paul Clarke, Ehren McCracken
Picnic Summary:
From Paul – Thanks to all for their work and support – easiest yet!
Summary numbers:
134 adults
Loss of revenue: $280.00
Agreed to the following:
Keep games ahead of dinner – weather permitting
Keep catering and ask Cheryl to do it again
Fishing Derby – thanks to Sindy Preger for running. Ask Sindy to run again next year.
Move the band to a central position so that all can hear them and anything we say on the mics
Will charge 15 for adults and 5 for children (12 and under) next year. Mary to provide a target number we need to break even
Motion to increase prices to 15/5 by Alex, seconded by Mel
We need to better communicate the event next year in order to ensure break even attendance
Will offer pre-purchase on tickets through pay pal on line and at Jan and Mel’s cottages (in person)
Find and revise the activities needed to run picnic – Paul?

Membership Update:
30 have paid as of today – 6 by pay pal
Agreed to target getting 50 paid members by spring – each of us to talk with our neighbours/ friends! The pamphlet we are handing out door to door may help if people visit the LWRA blog
A growing number of people attending events (picnic, races) are not members – need to discuss our policy on this next meeting

Pamphlets were ready from Alan – dispersed and directors will drop at all cottages on lake
Agreed to link our word press site to face book – Alex and Ed will execute this in conjunction with Alan
Alex to provide a communication strategy – end of September = due date. We will review at our next meeting (fall conference call – see meetings below)

Invasive Species:
George has agreed to install a power washer for boats if we provide support in the manner of getting a large sign ready that will compel people to use it. Mel will see if MNR has any suggested wording. Jan to get the sign completed for spring
Reviewed article on “Love your lake” program. Jan to follow up to try and get for next year

Logging around the Lakes:
Hastings County has agreed to create a bylaw to manage the distance from shore that logging can take place. Jan has agreed to be on the committee as has the Reeve, Sharon Carson. This activity will take place over the winter months.
We need to write Longyear Logging about the possibility of tree planting at Dark Lake (Jan). If we secure trees/ permission, Paul is willing to organize the planting

Minor Variance Request:
The variance request for a building lot in Green’s Bay was reviewed. Jan attended the meeting.
As a result of input from neighbours of the lot, Crowe Valley was asked and has been to visit the lot. Their input and results are pending.
The owner may be given a building permit without a permit for a septic and limited to an outhouse.
More to come

LWRA Bylaws and Directors:
Current bylaws state 15 directors. We would like to revise the bylaws. Jan/Kim find out what is needed to officially do that. Changes already discussed:
Motion to change this number to 11 by Alex, seconded by Mary
Add ability to execute electronic meetings and votes by the board during conference calls
Jan to send bylaws out for reading – all to send suggested changes. Jan/Kim will propose new draft for next meeting
Does our DNO insurance cover US citizens – Lexi and Mary to check – by end of September

Fire Protection on the Lake:
Alex and Gord Weller will check pump at the marina to make sure it still works
Lexi and Mary will follow up with Limerick Fire Fighters to see if what support could be available

Meeting Schedule:
Agreed to three in-person meetings to be held on Sundays of long weekends in May, July and September @ 10:00 am. We will continue to hold them at various cottages 
Agreed to a fall conference call approximately mid October – on a Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm. This will ensure continuity and follow up continues as we leave our lake(s) for the summer.

Jan to create an Action Log of to do items agreed to! …..
Thanks for a great meeting!!

July 2015 Meeting Minutes

LWRA Meeting Minutes – Friday, July 24th, 2015
Invasive Species Discussion:
Marina owner George Offshack approached Paul Clarke with this topic and voiced concern regarding Ontario Power Corporation barges entering the lake without washing / caring for invasive species from other lakes. We agreed that this was of concern. In addition we are concerned with all boats that are visiting the lake – specifically fishing boats during tournaments that could have invasive species in their live wells and/or motors/ boats.
Agreed Action:
Mel will begin to do the testing for invasive species again
Jan Mackillican will approach George regarding installing a power washer at the launching area

2015 Picnic:
AGM meeting will be held for ~ 15 minutes just before dinner starts. Three things will be discussed:
Call for Directors – Kim/ Mary
Call for Membership – Kim/ Mary
Strategy Document – Jan
Set up at 1:00 – Alan, Mel, Brett (TBC).
Open at 3:30, games @4:45, dinner between 5:30 and 5:45
Name tags – Paul and additional tickets for 50/50 if needed (Mary to confirm)
Games – Paul
Greg Hannah and his band confirmed with open mic
Mary to bring invoice for our caterer Cheryl to picnic/ Alex to send email address
Door Prizes – Paul and Mel
50/50 – Alan
Information stand on strategies – Jan

Strategy Document:
Reviewed draft.
Agreed Action:
Added Invasive species action
Motion to accept Mission / Strategic document with annual review process by Jan and seconded by Paul

We have 5 interested parties: Alex, Gord Weller, Leo, Ed Offshack and Sara Malone.
Agreed Action:
Alex has accepted and is now a director – WELCOME Alex!!!
Others maintain your work to get the interested parties confirmed or not

On Going Communication Work:
Agreed Action:
Alan will create a pamphlet type document that can be handed out at the picnic that includes our mission statement and a summary of our strategies. Will also include membership and blog info.
Post strategies on blog and create summary document for handing out at picnic – Alan
Update the bulletin board at the Marina and post there – Jan
Add contact information for LWRA directors on the blog – Alan
Explore how to connect LWRA to Face Book – Alex
Send George additional information on picnic to post on his site – Alan/ Jan
Meeting Adjourned – Mary and Mel

Getting in Touch with Directors …

2015 LWRA Directors’ Contact Information

President – Jan Mackillican – jan@leaditteams.com

Treasurer – Mary Argue – mary.argue@rogers.com

Secretary – Kimberly Carson – carsonkimberly@hotmail.com

WordPress Editor: Alan Coxwell alancoxwell@gmail.com

Mel Hamilton-Porter – mhporter76@gmail.com

Lexie Kindbom – lexiekindbom@gmail.com

Brett Shepherd – shep6@rogers.com

Ehren McCracken – the.emc@gmail.com

Paul Clarke – gfpc@sympatico.ca

Alex Topitsch – alex.topitsch@outlook.com