Sneak Peak


Roger and Mel Porter couldn’t wait for the ice to melt entirely before being drawn back to Limerick Lake. Their children Bruce (7), Sam (5) and baby Vyvyen (2) were thrilled to get back there too as spring sunshine made them start dreaming of summer days on the lake in 2016 … along with the rest of us!

SNEAK PEAK from Mel Porter

Limerick Waterways March, 13, 2016

Things are really beginning to melt around these parts. As the days grow longer and warmer my thoughts turn to Limerick Lake. So, yesterday we packed up the kids and a few sleds and headed to the shores of Limerick to check things out. George has the driveway chained off at the marina, so we parked the red minivan and walked through soft sand and ice towards the Lodge. There we were greeted by George as he was shuttling things around in his LandRover.

The hill down to the boat launch was a perfect sled run for the kids. Walking past the still-standing cattails, into the boathouse revealed lines of punts pulled up on the docks of each slip, motors up, still dormant. It is a frozen perspective on a familiar place. After we had our fill, we stopped in at The Gate for some lunch. St. Ola Dam was the next destination. The kids had fun crawling over fallen logs and rocks, taking breaks to stare into the water moving over the dam and into the pond. They enjoyed themselves so much, the boys asked to return in the summer for a camp out. I will probably indulge them in a picnic, but save the overnights for Dark & Devil (a.k.a. (Mephisto & Dixon).

It felt good to get a sneak peak of the 2016 season. I am betting on a relatively early ice-out and look forward to getting back out on the water. See you there.

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