Membership & Guest Speaker

Hello Cottagers,
The LWRA volunteers have been busy planning another fun filled summer and monitoring issues that affect the environment of our lakes.
 On July 10th at 11 am we have a guest speaker on Invasive Species, one of the issues we have been working on.  Tim Johnson is a  Great Lakes Research Scientist with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.  Please RSVP by email if you are planning to come.
Please consider becoming a member this year. Membership dues pay for membership in FOCA which has benefits for individual cottagers as well as insurance for events such as the canoe races, picnic and sailing races.
Membership dues are $50 per cottage and can be paid online through PayPal or by mail or at the AGM or picnic. Please include the attached membership form if you are paying by cash or cheque.
Pay Pal    Please follow the link below or use the button on LWRA website.
                   PayPal link          

Mail                             Please mail cheques to Mary Argue.
                                    71 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4E 3S2
Picnic and AGM         Cash or cheques accepted at the picnic and AGM
Please include your name, address and email address with your payment so we can update our contact list and keep you informed on what is happening at the lake.
You can also sign up to receive updates on new information on the LWRA website.
Mary Argue
LWRA Treasurer

Limerick Waterways Ratepayers’ Association 2016  Membership Mailing Form

Enclosed are our LWRA Annual Dues of $50 for 2016

Cheques, payable to Limerick Waterways Ratepayers’ Association can be mailed to Mary Argue,

71 Victoria Park Ave. Toronto, Ontario, M4E 3S2

or dropped off at 135 north shore cottage.


Home Adress:________________________________________


Telephone: ________________________________________

Cottage Civic Address: _______________________________

Membership dues can also be paid on line by Paypal by following the link on the website

More LWRA Information and current news can be found at our website  Sign up to follow LWRA on the site to receive current news.


CVCA supportive of Minor Variance on Limerick

P.O Box 416, 70 Hughes Lane Marmora, ON
K0K 2M0

Phone: 613-472-3137 Fax: 613-472-5516

26 August 2015

Bonnie Weise
Township of Limerick
89 Limerick Lake Road, RR#2 Gilmour, ON
K0L 1W0

Dear Ms. Weise,

RE: Application for Minor Variance (Our File No: MV-018-15) Barragan

309 Limerick Lake North Shore
Part Lot 6, Concession 6
Limerick Lake
Township of Limerick – Your File: A002/15

Sent by email.

The above application for minor variance has been reviewed with regards to the applicability of Ontario Regulation 159/06 the Development, Interference with Wetlands & Alterations to Shorelines & Watercourses Regulation of the CVCA and the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS). Through a Memorandum of Understanding between Conservation Ontario, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Conservation Authorities are responsible for representing the Provincial Interest in planning matters as they relate to natural hazards (Section 3.1 PPS).

It is our understanding that the application is to allow for a reduced rear yard setback from 10m (32.8’) to 3m (10’), to reduce the required setback from the high water mark from 30m (100’) to 27.4m (90’) and to reduce the interior side yard setback from 8m (26.2’) to 5.4m (18’) to allow for the construction of a single detached dwelling.

The CVCA previously sent a letter on August 4, 2015 in support of this minor variance application and were subsequently requested by the Township to determine whether a wetland feature was present on the subject property. A site visit was conducted by CVCA staff on August 13, 2015 and concluded that a feature meeting the definition of wetland is present on site. Under our current policies a 15m setback is imposed around the wetland feature and any proposed development must be located outside of this setback. Development includes, but is not limited to, structures, septic systems, grading and placement of fill. There is a portion of the property in the north-west corner that does not fall within this setback and could be suitable for development. Should the landowner wish to develop within the 15m setback an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) must be completed by a qualified individual to support the encroachment. The EIS would determine whether encroachment is acceptable and what mitigation measures should be implemented to minimize any impacts to the wetland. Please keep in mind that an EIS does not necessarily guarantee that development is possible within a setback and that it is not required as part of this planning process but is part of our regulatory process.

As mentioned in our previous letter the floodplain for Limerick Lake is fairly close to the shoreline in this location and our regulated area encompasses 15m (50’) from the hazard. The regulated area will now also be expanded to include 30m from the wetland boundary which means that any development proposed on this lot will require a permit from our office.

Currently, as there is no development proposed within the floodplain of Limerick Lake, CVCA staff feel that regard has been given to Section 3.1 of the PPS and are still supportive of this application provided that all development can be located outside the required setbacks. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the CVCA office.

Best regards,

Sharlene Richardson
Regulations Officer – Provincial Offences Officer 613-472-3137

Updated Action Plan

LWRA – Action Planning Log

Last Updated:  June 6, 2016:  JMM

Action Responsible Due Date Comments/ Update
Repeatable Septic Pump Outs for water access cottages Jan 2019 or sooner Will advertise to get on list on the Marina boards
Water clarity testing Mel/ Kim June 30th We can access historical data on line (confirmed)

Mel will do the testing

Kim will give the data to Kyle who will graph/ Alan will post

Loon Count Kimberly/ Alan June 30th Same as above – Kimberly will work to get historical results (available on line)

Alan to check with Linda to see if she wants to count loons

Pat Kincaid will count on Mephisto

Participate on committee to develop bylaw for distance of lumbering from lake shores for Hastings County


Jan/ Paul Summer 2016 Topographical vision – in addition to distance

Steenburgh Lake Association – may have similar interest – check this

Investigate tree planting on Dark Lake

Write to Long Year (Jan)

Execute planting summer of 2016 (Paul)

Jan / Paul Summer 2016
Invasive Species –

–  Jan to get update from George / Check FOCA on what he learned at invasive species training

– Replace old sign at the dock with new one (Mel)

– Kim/ Kyle will work to understand and develop education materials

Kim, Kyle (info/ education)

Jan/ Mel (update & sign)

June 30/16 Confirmed power wash outs not effective

Find information on both plant and fish invasive species information and at minimum educate

Maintain  LWRA bulletin board(s) at the Marina Jan Ongoing
Get Revised LWRA bylaws accepted at AGM Jan July 3/16
DNO insurance – sufficient scope and pricing Lexi/ Mary July 3/16 Policy does cover US citizens
Update our lake map Alex/ Kyle August 1/16 Have ready to hand out at picnic
Communication Strategy (Jan)

Link our blog to face book (Mel, Kim, Mary, Sasha)

Mel/ Kim/ Mary/ Sasha July 3/16
Picnic – 2016

Offer tickets on Pay Pal and at Mel and Jan’s cottages?

See other notes below

Mary/ Alan/ Paul August 3/16
Attend Township variance committee meetings Jan Ongoing
Fire protection:

Support available from the township? (Lexi & Mary)

Is the pump useable?  (????)

Lexi/ Mary Have an email and will contact township

There were multiple pumps – Carsons, Pethicks?  – Need to check this out (Mark Tripp)

Liaison with Foca Mary Ongoing

May 22nd, 2016 Meeting Minutes – In addition to updated action plan: 

  1. Financial Update:
    1. Financial update (Mary)
      1. 8500 in bank
      2. Main costs are insurance, FOCA, Picnic
      3. 33 members paid dues in 2015
      4. Picnic loss was $540 before revenue of $160 from 50/50 draw and $100 donation from Sindy Pregor from fishing derby.
      5. Motion to approve budget and agree to purchase insurance of approximately $1,000 by Mary, Seconded by Mel, all in favour
      6. Agreed to keep membership fee at $50 for one more year and review again next year
  1. Motion to accept revised LWRA By-laws by Kimberly.  Seconded by Alex.  All in favour.
  2. Picnic:
    1. Food:  Ask Cheryl to cater the corn, hot dogs, pulled pork on buns.  Pot luck salads and desserts.  (Paul)
    2. Sara Malone will do games
    3. Confirm George okay with using the lodge (Jan)
    4. Alan, Kyle, Ed – set up / take down
    5. 50/50:  TBD
    6. MC and execution committee – Mel, Alan, Ed
    7. Greg Hannah – ask and set aside $300
    8. Garbage/ Recycle at the end:  Alex (Jay)
    9. Advertising – boat drops/ posters/ blog [Jan/ Alan]
    10. Price – potentially 15/5 … table for next meeting
  1. AGM: July 3rd, 2-16 @ 11:00 am at the Lodge
    1. LWRA will meet for 1 hour prior to this for regular agenda items
    2. Invite Reeve – Kim
    3. Check for guest speakers (FOCA and MNR) – Jan
    4. Advertise the AGM – Blog (Alan), Create boat drop pamphlet and execute (Kyle/ Jan)
  1. Motion to add Sasha, Ed and Kyle to the board of directors by Paul.  Seconded by Kimberly.  All in favour.

Next Meeting Agenda Items to be scheduled:

  1. Action Log Updates (every meeting)

Cec McBeth remembers Jim Taylor

I was proud to have been associated with Jim Taylor and honoured to have been approved as an Honourary member of the L.W.R.A.

I had been up with Jim flying. Wow…

I now still meet with his son-in-law Dan Nourse whenever the Barbershoppers meet to sing some old songs.

It was an honour to have worked (and played) with Jim Taylor.

CEC Mcbeth