Septic Tank Signup

Water Access Septic System Registry

Do you have a septic system at your cottage?

Have you pumped out your septic?

Is your cottage water access or road access?

Many people believe that seasonal cottage septic systems do not need to be pumped out.  This is a fallacy.  It is recommended that home systems should be pumped every 3-5 years.  Therefore, it is recommended that seasonal residences be pumped every 8 years – or more depending on use.  You can read more about septic care at this link on the FOCA website: .

Your LWRA has already organized one water access pump out.  We would like to continue to do this on an as needed basis, cyclical basis.  Water access pump outs are more costly than those that are able to be reached by road.  Our experience to date would suggest that group pump outs are 1/3 of the cost of having a single system pumped out.  We also know that typically we need to secure 5 locations to be pumped at the same time to qualify for a group rate.

In order to plan ahead, we would like to create a list of water and road access, septic systems that will need to be pumped in the future.  Ideally, for water access locations, we would pump out in the spring as that is when water levels are high which makes it easier for the “specialized” barge to dock and maneuver.  Road access cottages could be scheduled later in the summer.

While the LWRA would organize pump outs, all work done at your cottage and all knowledge of your system is contractually between you and the company we hire to execute the process – not the LWRA.

Please register your cottage now!  You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Register on line by completing the form below and returning it to
  2. Fill in the hard copy, sign-up sheet at the Marina store

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jan MacKillican at

Name Cottage 911 number Verbal address description Email Address or Telephone Number Year you are due for pump out Water Access Road Access
Jan MacKillican & David Jones 353 North side of the lake directly across from the big island 2019 X
Name Cottage 911 number Verbal address description Email Address or Telephone Number Year you are due for pump out Water Access Road Access

LWRA July 3, 2016 meeting


July 3, 2016

Attending: Jan MacKillican, Alan Coxwell, Sasha Vojnov, Mary Argue, Kyle Kieper, Ed Offshack, Alex Topitsch, Kimberly Carson, Mel Hamilton

Regrets: Paul Clarke, Lexie Kindbom

Motion to approve budget $1750 for 2016 LWRA Picnic – Electronic on June 22nd

Motion by Mel Hamilton

2nd: Mary Argue

Carried by: All

Picnic Update:

Alan- Sail boat race

Mary & Jan –  canoe race

Ribbon’s will be given out at the race site

Membership handed out at the canoe races

Sindy Preger – fishing tournament

Food arrangement supervisor – Alex

Ed & Kyle – ticket sales

Sasha – Relief for ticket sales

Set up/Take down – 1:00 pm – Alan, Mel, Alex, Ed, Kyle, Sasha, Nik, Marko

Dump – Alex

Invasive Species

Ontario Federation of Angles and Hunters (OFAH) – Sample taken by Kyle and sent in

Spinney Water flea and Zebra Mussels

Completed for 2016

Water Sample and Clarity – New volunteer Ben Leeder

What is LL susceptible to and what will we do about it.

EDD Maps Ontario – Early Detection

App is available and then look at maps and assess how far we are

Aquatic animals/plants, forest animals/plants

Track this on the app

180 species tracked – we only have 16 that have been identified, but most have not been seen recently – good news for Limerick Lake

Only 4 that we really need to monitor

Zebra Mussels are the biggest challenge over all, but LL has alkalinity and is relatively cold so we have little chance of zebra mussels surviving

2 things will affect our like

– boats launched in the lake with live wells and putting bait into our lake

– LL is not the head lake, Steenburg drains into LL and they did find infantile zebra mussels in the lake – ultimately, if Steenburg has problems, we will have problems in LL.  We should have a better relationship with Steenburg and Mephisto/Dark

Action Steps: Continue to monitor invasive species, publish cottager’s guide, campaign with ADD Ontario app for people to submit & record, attend the Federation of Ontario Cottaers Associations (FOCA) AGM for learning opportunity, strike up a relationship with Joe O’Hagan from Mephisto (runs road association for Mephisto)

Strike up a relationship with Steenburgh Lake Association president – Pat Stalleart – Jan to follow up

Alex & Jan to work on a plan for fishing tournaments on the lake and live well dumping

Motion: Distribute paper copies to Limerick, Mephisto and St. Ola, “Cottager’s best practices for Invasive species flyers” and post on the website/blog

Motion Tabled by: Jan MacKillican

2nd: Kyle Kieper

Motion passed: All in Favour

Communication Update

Facebook – LWRA Facebook page is attached to Bob Mofford’s Facebook page and we don’t have access

Action: Kimberly & Mel to contact Pudge for memorializing Facebook page to get the LWRA Facebook page.  If we can’t we will create a new page

Septic Pump-Out Registry Proposal

Asking cottagers to register if they have a septic system – LWRA will keep track of the years they have pumped out and co-ordinate pump outs

Motion: LWRA establishes a septic system registry for all Limerick cottages to coordinate a cyclical pump out schedule specifically for water access

Motion Tabled by: Jan MacKillican

2nd: Alex Topitsch

Motion passed: All in Favour

Action: Jan to track all water access, Alex and Kimberly to monitor road access

Forestry By Law Committee set up by Hastings County

For townships with no clear by-laws governing forestry – like Limerick

First meeting in 2 weeks

LWRA has a representative on the committee – Jan MacKillican

Establish a by-Law for the county of Hastings for forestry activities close to bodies of water

Barragan Minor Variance Update – Approved

Environmental Assessment by a 3rd party

No septic

Trees next to neighbour

Crow Valley Conservation Authorities – designated wet land boundaries on his property and distances required for building

New Topics for next meeting:

Welcome package for new cottagers

Motion to adjourn – Kyle Kieper

2nd Alan Coxwell

Motion Passed: All in favour

After your Sunday morning coffee …

This Sunday, July 10 at 11 a.m., your Limerick Waterways Ratepayers’ Association (LWRA) is presenting a very special guest speaker down at Limerick Lake Lodge. Tim Johnson, a specialist with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, will be sharing some very interesting information on invasive species and how they could impact Limerick Lake and all of the adjoining lakes.

The protection of the natural environment is one of the main reasons for the existence of your Cottagers’ Association. Understanding what might threaten our lakes and being able to identify invasive species is a first step. Knowing the vectors by which they are likely to be introduced to our waters, and steps that can be taken to prevent such invasions, could be critical to the future health of the natural environment we all love so much. Educating ourselves about potential invasive species, including aquatic plants and organisms such as the Zebra Mussell and Spiny Waterflea, plays a critical role in the long-term protection of our lake environment.

So this weekend, after your second cup of Sunday morning java has kicked in, we encourage everyone to head down to Limerick Lake Lodge to hear Tim Johnston’s presentation. You are encouraged to bring along a friend, neighbor or family member to get updated on which invasive species we may have to deal with in the future and which species may already have been identified in our region. Everyone, whether a member of the LWRA or not, is welcome and encouraged to attend. See you there!