New map for Limerick & St. Ola

Your Limerick waterways cottagers association has just updated the location map for Limerick and St. Ola lakes and for your $50 cottage membership to join the LWRA you will get a 2017 map absolutely FREE to hang on your cottage wall!

On the other hand, you can buy just the map from LWRA President Jan McKillican by writing her a cheque for $50. You are invited to tie to her dock on the north shore of Limerick, behind the Big Island at 911 number 353, and discuss the details of this great offer in person.

This new map has all of the cottages on Limerick and St. Ola listed and numbered with the owner’s name in the columns to the right of the map. It has been many years since a new map has been created so a lot of names have changed when compared with the old faded version which might currently be hanging on your wall.

The LWRA pancake breakfast down at the lodge on Sunday, July 2 was a good time for all in attendance. Kyle and Ed did a fine job on the marina kitchen griddle, which Lodge owner George Offshack kindly allowed us to use, and nobody went away hungry. President Jan was a courteous and attentive waitress and our Treasurer Mary Argue efficiently kept track of the numbers as always. Hot coffee, tasty bacon and real maple syrup … the perfect way to start a sunny Sunday on the lake.

With everyone’s appetite satisfied your LWRA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the main room of the lodge at 10:30. Fire Chief Jason Post was the guest speaker for this gathering of cottagers. A video was presented, based on an actual fire in which a 5-year-old boy lost his life, demonstrating exactly how fast fire can spread. Smoke alarms are critical to alerting residents in time for them to exit a burning building safely.


If your cottage should catch fire Limerick’s volunteer firefighters would arrive on the scene as quickly as possible. The fire department has an agreement with George Offshack to use the marina rental boats to transport portable pumps to the location. Chances are slim the cottage on fire could be saved but the forest and neighbouring cottages could be protected. It is recommended that everyone have a fire extinguisher in good operating condition available near the kitchen as this is the most likely spot for a fire to start. Our Fire Chief brought smoke alarms with a 10-year battery life to the meeting for sale at the very reasonable price of $25. A number of these smoke alarms have been left at the marina store for sale to those who could not attend the meeting but would like to do everything they can to keep their families safe at the cottage.

For more information on fire safety at the lake you can go to the Limerick Fire Department’s website at:

LWRA Map.jpg


LWRA map 2.jpg


One thought on “New map for Limerick & St. Ola

  1. I can remember updating the original map and adding cartoons..Lots of changes since then,.Ive counted over twenty who have passed on in recent years..Lucille and I don’t get to the cottage much but our two daughters will be joining again Sure miss the Lake.. CEC

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