The 2017 Sailboat Race

2017 Sailboat Race Winners 2.jpg

The beautiful trophy finally came home for crew members Alan Coxwell, Nancy Harvey and Sam Coxwell in the 2017 Brian Cofell Memorial Sailboat Race. Since its creation in 2005 this trophy has been sheltered all but one year down on the Hannah’s Maintenance Point. The late Brian Cofell managed to take it over to the north shore one year after high winds blew his Hobie Cat over the finish line in first place.

The 2017 Race Recounted

by Alan Coxwell

In our annual August long-weekend sailboat race on Limerick Lake the first buoy you need to turn around is actually the two islands. Yes, I laid out that course many years ago much to the chagrin of some serious sailors but the fickle winds behind the islands always adds a touch of interesting uncertainty to the race. Sometimes you even get to chat with your competitors in peaceful waters.

The sailors that have snatched this race from our crew so many times were boom-to-boom with us as we headed through the very narrow cut behind the islands in 2017. Good-sized whitecaps were chasing us all the way to this point wing-on-wing.

We made the decision to tack first, risking getting becalmed in close to the island, but we had gained some ground by the time our arch rivals decided to give chase and we were soon heading out into the open waters of the lake again. As we were hit by strong gusts rolling down the length of the lake my crew of two and I were scampering up on the side of our Hunter 18. We managed to get her under control and headed for the buoy on the far side of the lake, about a mile away. With the sails set and our course a straight line I glanced back just in time to see our closest competitors get blown over as they emerged from behind the island. Even though it seems unsportsmanlike to cheer at such a turn of events we could not help ourselves. Had there been champagne aboard we might have popped it … but probably not, as that would be sure to jinx us.

They had turtled their boat so I knew we had a big opportunity to take a substantial lead. However, these guys and gals are serious racers who are usually out on Lake Ontario every Wednesday evening doing battle with members of their sailing club in Cobourg. Their friends, in a sleek red boat with Apple Turnover painted on its bow (upsidedown), slid around their swimming pals and were soon in hot pursuit. Apple Turnover has won the race several times over the last few years and so, had we had champagne, we would have left the cork in place.

It was a strange weather summer in this neck-of-the-woods in 2017 with rain a constant factor to consider in anything you were doing. I usually have all of my hay in the barn by mid-June but this year I did not even cut any until the first of August because it would just not stop raining! So, naturally the clouds opened up as we headed out to the middle of the lake. Totally drenched in ice-cold rain we were glad we at least had lifejackets to keep us warm. At one point we were betting whether it was going to start snowing. Then the Sun came out, the clouds drifted away and the wild wind went down to a wimper. Suddenly our lifejackets came off again as it became a very tropical, slow motion race with Apple Turnover intent on the chase.

By the time we turned the second buoy and headed for the starting line buoy we were almost in the doldrums. But there was another nasty black cloud just over the western treeline which held some hope for a second-round turnaround. As we crossed the starting line for the islands once again the wind began to pick up a bit but now it had changed direction and was gathering steam from the south. Apple Turnover was about 50 yards behind us as we slid into the complete calm behind the islands. There we sat, almost motionless while watching Apple Turnover, still out in the wind, close the gap down to maybe 10 yards.  But they were now becalmed too and in slow motion we again slid up to the end of the island decision point. How soon should we tack? By the time our crew of three finally made a democratic call based on the very different wind direction this time around Apple Turnover had decided to risk the shortcut closer to the island. On our wider reach we picked up the wind as they struggled on the shorter route close to shore. Heading out into southerly whitecaps far enough to clear the island in one tack we watched as Apple Turnover caught the wind and Bang! down she went. But with no transom, and experienced racers, she was soon righted and emptied of water and on the chase yet again. Meanwhile their buddies in the Blue Bayou boat had been pulled into the island with some apparent difficulty and never rejoined the race after their initial turtling exercise.

Apple Turnover headed deeper into the bay where the south winds were picking up. She was obviously trying to get an angle where one run would take her to the buoy on the far side of the lake. We soon realized we were not going to make it without tacking higher and as much as we did not want to we tacked and headed straight for Apple Turnover. After we had closed that head-on gap as much as we dared we turned again and headed for the  far buoy. Apple Turnover soon did the same and the race was serious once again as Apple Turnover is a fast little boat with just two aboard. She was gaining ground. If we had misjudged and needed to tack again their strategy was going to deny us the trophy yet again.

That big black cloud from the western horizon had moved in by now and started to unleash its winds. The pace picked up and about half way to the buoy I turned to see if Apple Turnover was still gaining ground. She was not. Apple Turnover had lived up to her name and her sailors were scrambling back aboard yet again. They had not given up and we had not yet turned the buoy for the final leg home. Please Mother Nature … do not make us tack again!

Until you cross that finish line a sailing race is not over. A few years ago I remember a sailing buddy from across the lake sliding past me on the final stretch in very high winds. He had slowly disappeared behind my sails and then suddenly he was rapidly moving in the opposite direction past me with his mast lying in the water. Based on that experience I was taking nothing for granted this time until we finally crossed that finish line. And we did soon after. We had outrun Apple Turnover.

Every year is a different race and this one was very different indeed.

That was last year. The 2018 Brian Cofell Memorial Sailboat Race is just around the corner with a start time of 2 pm sharp on Sunday, August 5. The winners will get to keep the trophy in their cottage until the 2019 race. So, if you have any kind of a sailboat, or if a neighbour has one and needs an encouraging crew member, please feel free to join in the fun. I still have my old Albacore sailboat looking for someone to give it new life if you should be interested in adopting it! No gasoline necessary.


Shocking news!

If you happen to be down around Limerick Lake Lodge some sunny afternoon when someone tries to drop dead at your feet from a heart attack you now might be able to save their life!

But first you have to know two things:

1) Where the AED your Limerick Waterways Ratepayers’ Association, in co-operation with Limerick Lake Lodge, has been installed. We will make this easy: It is in the first shoreline boathouse to the west of the store.

2) How to use said AED when you find it.

Below is a 4-minute video that will show you how to use this AED and a picture of what you are looking for when you enter the boathouse.





Total Burn Ban now in Effect

With this extremely hot weather stretching into mid-July of 2018 the forest in our LWRA area has become very dry and the Township of Limerick has a Total Burn Ban in effect. This means no fires at any time of the day or night are permitted in the township.

To check the status of Limerick Township Burn Regulations as time goes on you can visit the Limerick Township website here:

Summer of 2018 Update

Hello Cottagers

Your LWRA volunteers have been working hard to organize a series of summer events as well as monitoring environmental and other local issues on your behalf.  The details of this year’s planned events can be found at .  Please sign up there to receive all the LWRA news.

LWRA Membership:

We need your membership support so that we can continue to be a viable organization.  Membership dues of $50 per cottage can be paid by cash or cheque payable to Limerick Waterways Ratepayers Association at any LWRA events or by paypal at: or through the LWRA website .    Please respond to the email for instructions on mailing a cheque.   If you have any trouble with the Paypal link please reply to this email.


Annual General Meeting SATURDAY JULY 7th!!!

Pancake Breakfast for 2 included with your 2018 membership.  Additional meals available for $6/adult and $4/child. 

AGM will follow at 10:00 a.m.  This year we will feature how to use the newly installed AED and a film on septic systems well as updates on the activities of the LWRA.



Canoe Races:  Saturday August 4th at 10 am on Frasers Beach

Annual picnic:  12:30 pm at Limerick Lodge.  There will be kids games, hamburgers and hot dogs for sale, and time for cottagers of all ages to visit.  Please bring chairs and drinks.  Food will be available from 12:30 to 2:30. 

Sailboat race at 2pm, Sunday August 5th starting at the Coxwell cottage. 


Danielle Yohn of Caverly Bay is providing yoga on the dock every Saturday morning.  You must register by Thursday for a Saturday session.  Just text her at 613-438-2266.

Highlights of 2017

Last year we applied for and received funding from FOCA for education on invasive species.  We used the funding to create and install signs at Limerick Lodge, St. Ola Lake and Mephisto Lake boat launches with steps to avoid transferring invasive species between lakes. Our project was included in the FOCA newsletter this year

Have a wonderful summer.

Mary Argue and Kim Carson, LWRA

Some info on construction along your route to the cottage

FOCA Elert – late June 2018

Long Weekend Tips

If you’re on the road this long weekend, you’ll want this link to “Municipal511” for a map of scheduled road construction and maintenance, as well as collisions, detours and road closures across Ontario:

Late June Updates
Take 60-seconds for an update from FOCA’s Executive Director, Terry Rees, in this video blog from the shores of Baptiste Lake:


Good Canadians are Good Stewards
This week, from FOCA’s Twitter account:
watch a video from Minister McKenna about “stewardship as an expression of citizenship, as important in its own way to being a Canadian, as voting [or] volunteering…”
Connect with FOCA on Twitter and Facebook:
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Program Update
Aquatic Invasive Species
FOCA is pleased to announce that the 2018 FOCA Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Program is underway! Funding has been secured from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and member Associations have submitted their project proposals. Now the work gets underway.
For more about FOCA’s AIS Program, visit:
images from last year’s FOCA AIS program
FOCA Publications
2018 FOCA Lake Stewards Newsletter
The annual Newsletter is on its way to all the Executives of our Member Associations in early July! In the meantime, read and share the digital version of the Newsletter, available for download from the FOCA website:
Safety & Risk Management
Lyme Disease

One of the features in the new FOCA Lake Stewards Newsletter is an article about ticks and Lyme disease, from our partners at the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit. Read the article on page 28 of the Newsletter. (Image courtesy HKPR District Health Unit.)

FOCA reminds you to enjoy the great outdoors, and be vigilant daily about ticks, some of which may carry Lyme disease. Get important information, and a map of Ontario showing estimated risk areas, here:
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Lake Environments
July is Lakes Appreciation Month!
FOCA is a proud member of the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS), which offers the following suggestions:
Looking for ways to participate in “Lakes Appreciation Month”? You can:
  • organize a local shoreline clean up
  • develop an educational self-guided lake tour
  • organize a hike or biking event with a focus on your lake
  • reach out to local media outlets about covering your local event; here are some tips
  • reach out to a local restaurant about hosting a “Lakes Appreciation Night” with a percentage of proceeds donated to your local lake association!
  • reach out to a neighbour who isn’t already a member of your association and get them involved.
Lakes: we know we love them; can we love them EVEN MORE during July?!?
Invasive Species
Speaking of invasives, if you plan to visit the Toronto zoo this year, stop in to see their new Asian carps exhibit, the first of its kind in Canada as it houses live Asian carps. Special permits were required to bring these carps for public viewing, to help raise awareness and highlight the risk of destruction they pose to our ecosystems. Get details here:


Lake Erie Algae Outlook
Every year, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration releases its annual harmful algal bloom (HAB) forecast for Lake Erie. Our friends at Freshwater Future will be describing what exactly it all means, via a free webinar on Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 2pm Eastern (1pm Central). You’ll hear from people directly impacted by the algal blooms, get Freshwater Future’s take on the forecast, and have a chance to ask your questions.
Last year, the thick, slimy algal bloom covered more than 700 square miles in the western basin of Lake Erie–the third largest algal bloom on record. The good news is that there are clear policy solutions available to address this problem. Join the webinar to discuss the situation, solutions, and what it’s going to take to achieve a clean Lake Erie. Register for the Webinar by clicking here.
Events – Recent & Upcoming
June 14, 2018, Tweed – FOCA participated in the Teeny Tiny Summit in Tweed, with 165 other rural leaders and boosters.
(Pictured: Terry Rees with Katherine Howes, lead researcher for FOCA’s recent report on waterfront property owners and rural economic development. For more about the report, visit:

June 22, 2018, Port Perry – FOCA met with our partners from the Scugog Lake Stewards on the shores of Port Perry, where aquatic invasive species are a “hot topic.”

(Pictured: Barb Karthein with FOCA’s Deanna Panitz)
June 23, 2018, Maynooth – FOCA’s Terry Rees was a feature speaker at the event, “Poop Talk and Aliens.” Listen to Terry’s audio clips about aquatic invasives and septic systems, in media coverage prior to the event, posted here. (MyBancroft Now)
FOCA Cottage Succession Seminar Series
June 16, 2018 – the most recent FOCA Cottage Succession Seminar was held in Muskoka with the Gloucester Pool Cottagers’ Association.
FOCA is on-the-road with estate lawyer Peter Lillico, helping you start the conversation about how to keep the ‘family’ in the family cottage for the next generation.
Our next stop will be:
>Saturday, July 14th – Kawarthas region (hosted by the Cavendish Community Ratepayers Association) – Peter will speak about “Targeting Tax: Cottages and Capital Gains.”
Get more information here:


Saturday, October 27, 2018 – the FOCA Fall Seminar for Lake Associations will be held in Toronto.
This is an annual event where lake association representatives can connect with peers, hear expert speakers and collect valuable information.
Mark your calendars; details will follow later this summer.
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Association Tools
Planning for the Municipal Election in October
Download FOCA’s Elections Toolkit for member Associations to help you “get out the vote” in rural Ontario this fall! Find it here:
FOCA’s Toolkit contains info about WHO can vote, HOW to verify you’re on the voters’ list, and TIPS for communicating, such as:
  • a Draft Notice you can copy and send to your Association members;
  • example questions for municipal candidates, and how to host a candidates’ meeting;
  • sample social media, website or newsletter posts about WHAT municipal government does, and WHY you should vote in your rural municipality this October.
Remember: in a municipal election, you may vote wherever you own property.
Let’s get out the vote in waterfront Ontario!
More FOCA Publications
Waterfront Property Owners & Rural Economic Development
Have you read the FOCA report about waterfront owners yet?
Check out the infographic we created, to summarize the findings.
Waterfront property owners (WPO) are significant economic contributors to rural communities in Ontario! This report summarizes the survey FOCA conducted last year, highlights the ways WPO in eastern Ontario are already participating in their rural communities, and identifies gaps and opportunities to improve our rural communities. It also includes case studies about people who have already made the move to working from their waterfront community.
At the FOCA Office
Developing our Digital Capacity

This season, FOCA worked with a team of bright young GIS students from Fleming College to build some sophisticated mapping capacity that will support our communications, advocacy, and our membership networking efforts.

Many thanks to the technical team!
FOCA is the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations,
the voice of the waterfront for over 50 years    |    705-749-3622    |
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FOCA Opening Season Updates

banner image_ FOCA May Long Weekend Elert
Waterfront Property Owners & Rural Economic Development

FOCA is very pleased to release our new report about the significance of waterfront property owners (WPO) as vital economic contributors to rural communities in Ontario! The report summarizes the survey FOCA conducted last year, highlights the ways WPO in eastern Ontario are participating in their rural communities, and identifies enthusiasm to develop more rural economic initiatives.

Read case studies about your peers who have already made the move to working from their waterfront community. Visit our project webpage for more information or contact the office for a digital copy of the 56 page report.
Waterfront Living
Cottage Opening Tips
The ice is off the water, and the cottage season is in motion! See FOCA’s tips webpage, for some important reminders about cottage country re-entry:
Cell Project Announcement
On April 23, 2018, the Province announced a $71 million commitment in support of the project to tackle cellular dead zones across eastern Ontario. Read the County of Peterborough news release about the announcement. The related infographic below was provided to FOCA by the Eastern Ontario Regional Network:
Rural Broadband Services in Southwestern Ontario
SWIFT is a not-for-profit, collective broadband initiative that is funding the construction of an affordable, open-access, ultra high-speed fibre-optic regional broadband network in Southwestern Ontario. To overcome the region’s broadband infrastructure gaps, SWIFT has developed a long-term plan to help more than 3.5 million Ontarians connect and keep pace in a changing digital world.

SWIFT partners with the University of Guelph Regional and Rural Broadband Project to assess internet user experiences and test performance at a range of locations, including waterfront properties. Run an internet speed test and then report your results through the online survey tool: Regular updates on the build out of the broadband network in Southwestern Ontario will be posted to SWIFT’s website. In other areas of Ontario, SWIFT recommends property owners contact their municipalities about internet servicing; in Eastern Ontario, EORNis working on a similar broadband network build out. Visit:
Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program

Landowners with more than 4 hectares (~10 acres) of forested lands on their property may be eligible to receive property tax relief under the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) voluntary program for woodlot owners. Under the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program, property tax savings can range from 75-92% on eligible lands, depending on a variety of property-based variables. Landowners must have a multi-year Managed Forest Plan prepared and approved by an authorized Managed Forest Plan Approver. The deadline for new applications is June 30th each year, for consideration for the following taxation year. Get information and a list of plan approvers, here:

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Policy & Political Updates
Provincial Election – Get Ready to Vote on June 7th
Ontario’s rural and northern residents contribute significantly to the economic well-being of this province and to the communities where they live. FOCA encourages every voter to ask your candidates what they would do to support sustainable and affordable rural living, particularly with respect to several priorities FOCA has outlined in an Election Priorities document (PDF, 2 pages) that we encourage you to download and share.

Remember: in a provincial election, you may only vote once, in the electoral district that you consider home. Get more details on the FOCA Provincial Election webpage:

Planning Ahead for the Municipal Election – October 22nd

FOCA has created an elections info kit for member Associations interested in getting out the vote in rural Ontario this fall! The Vote for your Future campaign encourages you to get involved, and to pledge to VOTE at your rural municipality. To learn more about FOCA’s “Vote for your Future” initiative, and order your local toolkit, visit:

Remember: in a municipal election, you may vote wherever you own property. See for more information.
Lake Environments
Lake Partner Program

Welcome to the newest member of our team: Emily Shapierais the new Assistant Lake Stewardship Coordinator for the Lake Partner Program (LPP). Emily is working out of the Dorset Environmental Science Centre (DESC). She holds a degree in biology from Queen’s University, and she recently completed the Ecosystem Management Technology Program at Fleming College. We look forward to her contributions to this important citizen science initiative!

LPP volunteers will have recently seen an email update from DESC. If your lake is not already participating in the program, you should know that May is an important sampling timebecause it is often when the lakes are fully mixed and the water chemistry should be uniform from lake surface to lake bottom. To find out about getting involved in the LPP, contact or
Funding Opportunities
FOCA 2018 Aquatic Invasive Species Program
Remember to apply by June 1st!
On May 1st, FOCA sent an email notice to our member Associations, about 2018 funding for aquatic invasive species (AIS) projects. Remember to submit proposals to FOCA by June 1st for funding consideration. Didn’t receive the notice? Contact us for details.
For information about association AIS projects that were funded in last year’s program, see page 10 of the latest FOCA Year in Review.
FOCA’s Silver-level Sponsors
Partner Survey Reminder
Lake Pulse – Supporting lake management – Have your Say!
Terry with Yannick of Lake Pulse at the FOCA AGM, March 2018

Lake managers, municipalities, lake associations, governments and non-governmental organizations all need access to lake data, especially to support decision-making and guide policies. The members of the Lake Pulse initiative will produce considerable data about lake health across Canada, and provide interactive maps on the health of Canadian lakes and on regional threats.

By participating in the Lake Pulse Survey, lake associations can help to create online tools that suit their needs for lake health and water quality data. Please add your voice by taking the survey:
Safety & Risk Management
Spring Fire Safety
Although spring has barely sprung, already some parts of the Province are experiencing extreme fire hazard conditions. (Check current conditions here:
The time before “green up” can be particularly dangerous for outdoor burning, and local restrictions are often in place – especially for daytime burning – throughout the spring and summer seasons. Check with your local municipality. For more about fire safety, visit: and review the video “FOCA Firesmart tips for spring burning” below:


National Safe Boating Awareness Week
May 19-25, 2018 is Safe Boating Week. As you begin another boating season, here are 5 key reminders from the Canadian Safe Boating Council(CSBC) of which FOCA is a member:
1. Wear a PFD or lifejacket.
2. Don’t drink & boat.
3. Take a boating course.
4. Be prepared, both you and your vessel.
5. Be wary of the dangers of cold water immersion.

Also, the CSBC is participating in the LCBO’s Provincial Donation Box Program during the month of May 2018. Visit your local LCBO by May 26th, and make a donation to support CSBC in this fundraising campaign to help make Canada’s waterways safer. Download the 1 page notice from CSBC, here.

Being Prepared for Extreme Weather
Natural disasters and severe weather can happen quickly and without warning. That’s why making sure you’re ready for an emergency is so important. During Emergency Preparedness Week (May 6-12, 2018) FOCA posted tips and reminders on social media about ways to be emergency-ready in cottage country.
As remote and rural residents, we are used to being self-reliant. We may find ourselves and our families without electricity, phones, road access or other extended emergency conditions. Learn more about how to prepare:

Also this May, the Alert Ready Emergency Alert System was launched across Canada, albeit with several hiccups and gaps, particularly for those not on LTE networks. The Alert is intended to work on digital devices such as your cell phone, to send messages from emergency management officials to warn of imminent threats such as tornadoes, floods, fires, Amber alerts, and water contamination. Find out more about the Alert Ready System, here:

Events Attended
Kawarthas Naturally Connected

April 25, 2018 – Peterborough. FOCA participated in this regional partnership discussion about thenatural heritage mapping tool created by theKawarthas Naturally Connected (KNC) Collaborative in recent years, and to plan next steps to circulate this information among stakeholders, including waterfront property owners. Check out the amazing mapping tool by clicking here, or visit the KNC webpage for alternate map formats and more information about the project:

Strengthening Stewardship Networks
May 2, 2018 – Bradford. FOCA is part of the Steering Committee for the Lake Simcoe Watershed Stewardship Network Advisory Committee that met most recently on May 2nd to review a social network analysis and recent survey responses about regional priorities, connections and needs.
[click slide images at side, to enlarge]
Upcoming Events & Regional Notices
Zebra Mussel Blitz – Bancroft Area
image ISAC twitter feed April 19 2018

On May 18-19, our partners at the Invading Species Awareness Program will be helping the Bancroft Area Stewardship Council to clean, drain & dry boats as part of their Zebra Mussel Blitz. If you’re out on Hay Lake or Jacks Lake, they invite you to stop by for your FREE boat wash.

Muskoka Summit on the Environment

May 24-25, 2018 – Bracebridge. FOCA will be at the upcoming Muskoka Summit on the Environment, themed, “Restoring our relationship with the natural world.” Register here:

“Septic Savvy” Lake Networking Event
May 26, 2018 – Perth. Learn about why a properly functioning sewage system is integral to a safe drinking water supply AND to a healthy lake. Featuring: a local septic system re-inspection program success story, expert panel discussion, displays and networking. For details and contact RSVP email, click the image at the side to enlarge.
Cottage Succession Seminar Series

FOCA is on-the-road again this summer, with estate lawyer Peter Lillico, helping your family start the conversation about how to “keep the ‘family’ in the family cottage.”

June 2, 2018 – Our first Cottage Succession event of 2018, being held in Haliburton, is already all booked up! Get more information about the other event dates and locations, here: This event is FREE to FOCA Members!
Lake Stewardship Planning Event
June 2, 2018 – Plevna. Your Lake, Your Community: A 1/2 day seminar on Lake Stewardship Planning. Clar-Mill Hall, Plevna, 9am-12pm. For lake associations in North Frontenac Township, featuring presentations from Twp. of N. Frontenac, FOCA, Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, Canonto Lake Property Owners’ Association and N. Frontenac Lake Association Alliance members. Contact to RSVP by May 28, 2018.
Septics & Invasives Information Session
June 23, 2018 – Poop Talk & Aliens! Hold the date for this Hastings Highlands event, where FOCA’s Executive Director and others will speak about the value of protecting clean water, proper septic system maintenance, and preventing the spread of invasive species.
Fisheries Management Zone 15 – input welcomed

The fisheries advisory council for Fisheries Management Zone (FMZ) 15 includes FOCA representation. FMZ 15 comprises a large area of south central Ontario (see map). Find out more about the process and how you can provide input, by downloading this FOCA update. (PDF, 1 page)

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NEW Member Benefits & Offers from our Partners
Action First Aid offer
The FOCA-member price for an AED just got even better: now, Action First Aid offers the Philips Home Defibrilator for $1365 (+ tax), to FOCA members. That’s over 18% off the retail price. Details are posted here:
DockinaBox offer
FOCA members get 10% off a dock or boat lift from DockinaBox. They have dock solutions for all kinds of unique locations. Get offer terms and conditions, here:
InvisiRail offer

FOCA members get 7.5% off glass railings from InvisiRail. Plan a beautiful view for your home, or cottage. Details are available, here:

Coleman products offer

As a result of FOCA’s membership with the Canadian Safe Boating Council, all FOCA members get a 30% discount off any Coleman Canada online purchases in 2018, using the Offer Access Code available to FOCA members. This includes Stearns PFDs, tents, sleeping bags, coolers and all sorts of outdoor camping gear, and Sevylor inflatables. Details of the offer are here:

Other ongoing FOCA Member offers include:
-discounts on Cottage Life Magazine subscriptions;
-a 1-year free Individual membership to the Canadian Canoe Museum;
-exclusive access to the CottageFirst group insurance program;
-and more
All the current offers are posted online, here:
Member Associations: make sure all your members know how to access their FOCA benefits!
Association Tools
Planning your 2018 AGM, or preparing your Newsletter? FOCA can help with that.

Do you hand out printed information at your association meetings? Please share some FOCA materials with your members! Contact the office for print copies of FOCA’s 2017 Year in Review, or the abbreviated 4-page summary containing an overview of our latest programs and accomplishments.

Have a 5 or 10 minute spot on your AGM agenda? Show one of FOCA’s newest videos! Stream them on YouTube if you’ve got internet access, or contact the office for a DVD copy instead!

Want to give a presentation about “What FOCA does and why we’re members“? Contact the office for a short slide presentation.

Got a little space in your Association Newsletter? Please include this FOCA adto remind your members about their benefits and our work. Contact the office for a PDF of the image at the side.

Get your Vote for the Future local elections toolkit. Contact the office!

About FOCA
Your Board of Directors
FOCA is privileged to have such talented and dedicated individuals from across our membership take on leadership roles within the organization.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Terry Kennedy(Kennebec Lake Association) for his leadership and his thoughtful and steady presence, chairing the FOCA Board of Directors as President for the past two years. We look forward to Terry K’s continued advice and support as Past President.

Succeeding Terry K as President of the FOCA Board of Directors is Marlin Horst (Baptiste Lake Association), who has recently been a particularly valued member of the Board Executive on the Governance and Nominations, and Human Resources Committees. Congratulations to Marlin!

Also recently joining the FOCA Board are Pat Drew (Lake of the Woods District Property Owners Association) and John Hickey (Indian Point Property Owners’ Association). See the full Board list, here:
We look forward to working together to serve the interests of our waterfront community, together.
FOCA is the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations,
the voice of the waterfront for over 50 years    |    705-749-3622    |
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Responsible Septic System maintenance

Dear LWRA Members:  As the person who is well on the way to organizing the next Limerick Lake, water access, septic system pump out, I would like to point out a few facts and thoughts sparked by the latest FOCA summary that was recently posted.
And don’t forget to check out the new video: Cottage Country Septic Systems, for an overview from FOCA that you can share with friends and neighbours. Click below to watch the video:

Please share this video! Here is a link you can copy and paste:

The Septic Systems facts sheet from FOCA also suggests that regular maintenance is key.  It even explains how to inspect your own system.
While I cannot disagree with the fact that inspection is key, I would like to point out some Limerick specific observations.
     – We have many new septic installations (water access)
     – We have some old ones – both water and road access.  Most of which have never been or have rarely been pumped out.  We all know that this is not responsible.  We all know that many of these would likely make up the 49% of failed system.  What do we believe that means for our lake?
Bottom line, pump outs are required maintenance which most people try to ignore.  People are happy to put in “pleasant” indoor systems and then forget about them.  We, the LWRA, do not need to encourage that out of site, out of mind mentality.
In the mean time, I need as many “water access” cottages to sign up for this year’s pump out as possible and would appreciate your support for my goal.  I have enough to get the service but more would reduce the cost for all.  I will update at the May meeting.
Jan MacKillican
“Lead It Teams Inc.”
Team Development and Organization Design Company
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